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I ALWAYS USE to think that one can never feel too broke

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I ALWAYS USE to think that one can never feel too broke.

But fuck that. Everyone in this damn gala most positively had seperate net-worths of over ten million. 

This place looked fresh out of a french medieval fantasy film. I knew it was designed to a particular era or movement, and if I had to pick one, I would probably say something like a beux-arts  architecture style. 

I didn't just pull that term out of my ass; I remember it from the one History of Art lecture I accidentally sat through last year. But that wasn't the worst part—the worst part was the fact that I sat there for thirty minutes before I realised I was in the wrong lecture.

There were pink and purple lights that ran up the beautifully designed walls while bright golden lights highlighted the more important architectural designs. 

Michael and I stood awkwardly together, side by side as David and my mother were talking to fellow associates. We hadn't even made it into the main dining hall yet because every step we took, some old rich dude wanted to chat with David. 

I had lost everyone a good twenty minutes ago. At least we were all seated at the same table which I was now super eager to find. I don't know what the fuck possessed me to believe it was a good idea to wear these goddamn stupid heels. 

Sure, they made my legs look amazing but my dumbass forgot that my dress was long and completely covered them. Yet it wasn't long enough that I could wear no shoes and get away with it. The fates are conspiring against me. 

"Ugh—my bowtie is too tight." Michael groans below me and I glance down to see him tugging at the black tie around his neck. 

"Here," I say as I crouch down and reach up to his neck. I untie it before I begin again, "Did I tell you how grown up you look?" 

"I'm still wearing caterpillar socks." Michael beams a smile at me and I can't help but laugh. He was so much like Noah that it was uncanny. "Have you seen Chase yet?" 

I hesitantly glance up at him. Michael might be young but he's extremely intuitive. Noah's also been in his ear about his captaining of the vessel that is Chase and I's relationship. 

"Nope." I smile softly and continue to focus on fixing his bowtie. I actually hadn't seen Chase since earlier this afternoon. 

Since the gala was being held in San Diego, we all decided to stay one night in a hotel that was deeper into the city. We all arrived mid-day and went swimming in the rooftop pool. However, Chase left before anyone else, got dressed in his suit and went to pick up Emily. 

She's staying with her parents in another hotel. It's honestly for the best with Levi, Hayley and all things considered. 

"Romance is gross." Michael says as he sticks out his tongue as if he were throwing up. "The only thing I get butterflies for is garlic bread and I'm okay with that." 

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