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"HAYDEN.....ARE YOU—oh god, is she even alive?" I could hear the voices like they were a hundred yards away yet right next to my air simutenouesly. My senses picked up on the sounds as I raised to the surface of my conscience and felt them as they bounced off the inner walls of my skull. "Baby, get the water."

Water? What water?

"Yes ma'am!" I remain still, unsure how to move just yet. I felt like crying.

I just wanted a goddamn nap. I don't ask for much, but I all I wanted for was a nap. Oh fuck, I sounded like my seventy-two year old grandmother. My brain pounds as the ground beneath me does the same. What the hell was going o—

A waterfall of ice is suddenly poured over me. The fucking freezing water drenches me instantly and I end up choking on some as it infiltrates my throat. I throw myself up instantly, my entire spirit now awake and I blink through wet lashes at my surroundings. My queen bed in the middle of the room was now soaked and shit, I had just washed the sheets yesterday.

I frown, "What the fu—"

"You can yell at us later." Penn says as she grabs onto my arm and pulls me out of my bed. My feet stumble over each other as they meet the hard surface of the wooden floor, "We have a flight to catch."

"Flight?" I question as I frown at my best friend. She looks at me with a blank expression and realisation hits me, "Oh fuck! The flight!"

The next two and a half minutes consisted of Noah throwing clothes at me, me quickly changing and Penn desperately trying to shut my overstuffed suitcase. Oh yeah, I'm definitely going to have to pay for extra weight. Fuck me.

After realising I had put both my denim high rise shorts and linen camisole on inside out, I quickly change once more and slip my feet into my white worn converse. I quickly got rid of my morning breath with a shot of mouthwash, pulled my wet hair into high pony and sprayed on my deodorant and perfume.

Penn quickly locked the front door of our apartment and soon the three of us were sprinting down the concrete stairwell. We were all screaming for some reason and Noah somehow managed to carry all three of our suitcases, belting out the fact that he was superman and we should address him as such.

As we stumbled out the front doors of our apartment complex, a yellow Volkswagen turbo screeches to a stop just in front of the curb.

I glance to my left at Penn, "Who the fuck let her drive?"

"You missed your fucking scheduled uber so I'm you're only chance of catching that flight, sunshine!" Lilith screams as she winds down the passenger window.

"I didn't know who else!" Penn replies back as she pushes on my back and towards the death wagon waiting for us. Noah squeezes all of out luggage into the tiny trunk and then squeezes himself next to me in the backseat.

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