p r e f a c e ( a g a i n)

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S Y N O P S I S 

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S Y N O P S I S 

hayden jones has been through a lot. a lot more than someone her age should. now finished her second year of college, hayden needs a break. lucky for her, her fabulous cousin spencer is celebrating his twenty-first birthday in hayden's home town.

but as much as she hates it, drama is never far from hayden's life because her ex is also invited; the stubborn and ridiculously good looking chase everett.


❝  spoiler alert; i don't give a shit  

—hayden jones , sometime in her life


→ a whole lot more shit ton of swearing

→ more mature themes *wink wink*

→ characters with flaws


dun dun dun.....

surprise motherfuckers it is i; the bearer of bad news. 

hehehehe, i love being evil. this book was going to be called bad boy ex but that gave away too much, especially to new readers starting bbr. but i'm pretty sure you know how quickly my books take a turn, especially when it comes to hayden. that girl is fucking crazy. 

anyway, here it is. the sequel to bad boy roommate!!!!!

i posted bbr a year ago (12/29/2018) and holy shit that feels like forever ago yet yesterday at the same time. it's fucked up but it's also really cool. i honestly had no clue that it would blow up this much and i can't thank you guys enough. 

that book is almost at five million reads which is absolutely mind blowing. it makes me smile so much everytime i come on here and see that the reads, votes and comments are just going up not to mention the extremely sweet message i've been receiving. 

you'd think that this being my second book and all it'd motivate me to say something poetic this time. but you guys know me...so fuck that shit. 

i hope you guys enjoy the sequel to bad boy roommate!

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