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THE OFFICE WAS different during the day

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THE OFFICE WAS different during the day. The afternoon sun flooded through the large glass wall that overlooked the trees and perfectly trimmed lawns outside. There were more people too...but then again, we did break in here in the middle of the night. 

I draw my brows together as I frown, reading and re-reading over the emails I held in my hand. I flick between them, my eyes catching key words. They felt like poison in my hand but at least they were in my hands and not his. 

"You know..." Chase whispers as he leans towards me, "...they're not going to disappear if you look away." 

I glance up from the papers at Chase who sat beside me on the white leather sofa. He was smirking at me, trying to make light of the conversation as if he could tell it was eating me alive inside. He places the magazine he was reading onto the glass coffee table and turns back to me. 

He chuckles as he tucks a piece of blonde hair behind my ear, "Breathe, Jones." 

"Well sue me for being nervous." I sigh as I shuffle the pieces of paper back into one pile. I lean towards Chase, "We broke into this asshole's office, Everett." 

"I know. I was there." Chase snorts as he lies his arm across the back of the sofa behind me. He starts twirling a strand of my hair, staring at it around his finger, "Say it any louder and he might just hear you." 

"Shit, sorry." I whisper as I glance around, noticing we were the only ones here except the receptionist who was busy typing away at her computer. 

She was young and pretty—probably a struggling med student. I really hoped he wasn't sleeping with her—the doctor. Well, I hope he's not sleeping with anyone because I'd feel so fucking sorry for the other person. 

I was watching her as a security guard walks up to her desk smiling. A security guard that looked an awful lot like Chief.....Clancy...Wiggum. 

"Oh fuck!" I whisper-shout as I remember him from last night. He was probably checking in for his night shift since we were one of the last patients of the day. I obviously cursed a little loud because both heads began to swivel towards me. 

I duck instantly and turn, my face going into Chase's chest and he cradles the back of my head with his hand as if it were instinct. I hear walking behind me, thick leather shoes against the sleek marble floors. 

Then, Chase's chest vibrates, "Evening, sir." 

The footsteps falter slightly before they continue down the hall, the echoes fading as he walks past. Even after the footsteps had completely faded, I stayed pressed up against Chase. His touch, his warmth, everything about him made me feel safe and calm. 

I sigh out heavily as Chase's other hand on my bicep began to move, his thumb caressing my skin and causing tingles to run up and down my arm. 

"He's gone." Chase whispers down and I flatten my palms against his chest as I pull back.My eyes flicker up from his chest to meet his, our faces hovering mere inches away from each other. His gaze flickers to my lips as his hand falls to my waist. 

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