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"3...2..." THE COUNTDOWN began. I looked to my left, seeing an extremely chiseled blonde boy standing at the top of the white tarpaulin water slide while I stood at the top of the other. I tilt my head and give him a sweet grin, my fist clenching by my sides. 


I didn't need to be told twice. I dive onto the plastic, water-proof material that was covered in soap liquid and water.  The echoes of people's shouts are heard along with the crinkling of the material beneath me as I slide down it at the speed of fucking light. 

At the bottom of the two slides was a large inflatable pool filled to the brim with soap suds. I go in head first—but first nonetheless. 

"And we have a winner!" Another guy at the bottom exclaims as I sit up amongst the fluffy white soap. I put my hands up as I hear cheering at the top and cheering around me. I push to my feet and step over the barrier of the inflatable sand, my feet landing back on the warm sand. 

I had forgotten how popular Spencer was because as I looked over the beach and the outdoor area of David's house, it honestly looked like three-quarters of Holden Bay was here. Spencer's 21st birthday was surprisingly going off without a hitch. 

There were people swimming in the ocean, people racing down the two water slides and some people were just dawdling about on the sand. Blaring music floated from the house where there was more of a population of people. Some were chilling in the pool and spa-pool while others were dancing to the music and just having fun. 

I had been so absorbed by work and school that I forgot how fun it is to party and let loose, even for just one night. I had forgotten how many drinks I had or where my clothes were but it didn't matter because since I got here a week ago, I've basically lived in swimwear. 

I was wearing a nice white one tonight to enhance the appearance of the golden tan I was currently sporting. 

"Great race." I turn around at the deep voice to see Mr Chiseled standing behind me with his hand extended. He too was covered in soap suds that were slowly slipping off his amazing body. 

"Yeah it was...for me." I grin cheekily as I shake his hand, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you." 

"Embarrassed me? Come one, I let you win." He chuckles as I roll my eyes, watching as a pair of girls coming screaming into the end of the water slides. 

"Well, I disagree with you because you're wrong." I state as I turn and begin to make my way back up the hill and towards the hill. Mr Chiseled quickly jogs up to my side. 

"I'm Thomas." He introduces himself and I give him a tight-lipped smile. 

"Great," I say, "I'm in need of another drink." 

"Seriously, you're not going to tell me your name?" Thomas questions as he wipes the excess soap off his body. It was honestly the body of a damn god. How is that even legal? Surely it should come with a warning like 'do not look if you are prone to heart failure or strokes'. 

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