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VERA AND I both groan at the sound of more construction and while she rolls onto her side, I sit up and my hair falls in front of my face unceremonsionuly

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VERA AND I both groan at the sound of more construction and while she rolls onto her side, I sit up and my hair falls in front of my face unceremonsionuly. I needed the get a brush through this thing. 

"What the hell is that?" Vera groans, her eyes still closed and attempting the savour the last few minutes of her sleep. I push the sheets from my legs, stand up and lazily waddle towards the large window where I pull back the sheer white curtain. 

I look down at the porch to see many bodies busying about. Some were setting up tables and chair and others were bringing in big leafy plants. Vera was right; what the hell is that?

"I'll be back." I sigh before turning and my heels and heading towards the door of our bedroom. 

"Get me a glass of water?" Vera questions from where she was spreading out like a starfish on the bed. 

I laugh lightly at her position and nod, "Sure thing." 

Turning the handle, I walk out in the hallway to see Noah doing the same thing. He stumbles out of his bedroom shirtless and rubbing his eyes, his blonde hair was spiking up in all sorts of directions. 

"Did it wake you up too?" I question as we both stop at the sight of each other. 

He nods, "Yup and I was having the best dream too." He pouts in a child-like manner and I grin at his cuteness, "Penny's still asleep. She can sleep through fucking anything." 

I laugh as I continue my way to the stairs, "I'll report back to you." 

"Aye aye." Noah mutters behind me before I hear the door close, indicating he had returned to his bed. 

I continue my way down stairs and into the mayhem that was waking everyone up. People rush in and out of the front door and the entire living area was packed with people. I walk past them and outside, having a clear idea who's behind all of this. 

I walk past a young guy who was drilling together a chair and in my sleep-deprived rage I grab the drill off him. He looks up at me with a terrified look. 

"Go grab some plants." I order and he quickly scurries off. Too harsh? Eh, maybe. 

"Hayden, please do not interrupt my making of a master piece." Spencer walks over to me, dark sunglasses over his eyes and fanning himself with a floral fan. I roll my eyes as I spin around and fold my arms. 

"What the hell is all this?" I question as I gesture around the porch, my eyes landing on the same boy across the space who was currently reaching down to grab another drill, "Hey!" I point at him and he quickly glances up at me, "I told you to go grab some plants." 

Spencer chuckles at me as we both watch the guy run at the speed of light back inside. 

"Here, this might help." He grins as he hands me his half-empty mug of coffee and I take it gleefully. "Welcome to Beachside Haven or otherwise known as the most fabulous twenty first birthday party in the history of twenty-first birthday parties." 

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