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UNFORTUNATELY, EMILY'S NOSE wasn't broken. It was however, swollen and bruised which was enough to satisfy the beautiful sociopathic Levi. She stayed out our spot for the rest of the day and even took over Vera's chair. 

She made Chase stay with her the whole time, claiming that talking to him calmed her down like her bruised nose was a fucking life or death situation. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't help the sick feeling the settled in my stomach every time I would glance over at them and see them chatting so casually. 

When the sun started to set, we all decided to head back. The Range Rover headed back except this time, Noah and Michael switched places considering Michael was already passed out asleep on the sand by the time we decided to leave. David had to carry him all the way back to the car and it was really cute. David was a relly good father and Michael was so damn lucky. 

 Levi also managed to squeeze in, saying he couldn't spend another second with Emily which was fair. 

"Again, I'm so sorry Emily." I say as we make our way up the sandy wodden stairs to the parking lot. Emily glances over her shoulder and gives me a small smile. 

"Seriously, Hay. It's fine." She says while holding the white tissue over her nose in place, "You don't need to keep apologising." 

"My mother stocks up on frozen peas so hopefully that will take down the swelling." I scoff as I struggle to carry all of Emily's things. I mean, it was the least I could do even though I really fucking didn't want to do it. 

"Yeah, remember the time she brought out like fifty bags when you broke your hand." Noah tilts his head back and laughs at the memory, "I can still vividly picture you punching that football dude in the face. I mean, the devil works fast but Hayden Jones fucking works faster." 

I wink at him, "You know it." 

We were laughing as we all make our way up the steps and onto the cooling tarmac of parking lot. We make our way over to my mother's car when I notice a group of guys walking towards us. 

"No way. Hayden Jones?" One of them asks as I instantly recognise them, Noah does to. 

"Holy fuck! Am I magic? Do I have super powers. I just manifested the fuck out of you." Noah exclaims as he points to the group of guys from my high school. They all looked the exact same, sans football jacket, but still the same jackass energy their ooze from their pores. 

Except, unlike the group of three that there were last time, there were now seven. 

"Brave of you to show your face around these parts again." Daniel Hawkins smirks as he walks over to us, the rest of his asshole squad lowly following behind. 

I pout as we come to a stop in the middle of the near empty parking lot, "Aww, scared I'm going to sit you on your ass again?" 

"You're just lucky I was drunk that night." Daniel smirks again as he stops a few feet away. 

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