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"YOU THINK THAT I could fit all of this," Vera says as she moves her hands dramatically around her belly, "Into this?" 

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"YOU THINK THAT I could fit all of this," Vera says as she moves her hands dramatically around her belly, "Into this?" 

Penn and I laugh as we sat on the soft pink velvet lounge chaise. I leant back against the soft material as Penn laid between my legs and rests her head back against my lower stomach. 

"Please, you look like me after I've devoured two burritos." I scoff while playing with a strand of Penn's vibrant hair. Our laugh echo in the small boutique. 

David had kindly informed us that every summer around fourth of July, San Diego Hospital holds a summer charity ball. And since David is a resident doctor of the hospital, he was invited. It was a family charity ball so David somehow got us all tickets. 

We had left early this morning to go shopping. We didn't know about the ball coming here and as the ball was this weekend, we needed to find dresses fast. It was just us three girls today which I was glad for. I miss spending time with just us. 

"How about this one?" The small lady in charge of boutique offers as she holds a white dress in her arms, "It's stretchy around the stomach and is made of very breathable material. It's an Eli Saab vintage." 

"Eli Saab?" Vera questions as the lady nods. Vera then takes the dress and struts into the changing room, "Say no more." 

Penn and I giggle at her again before relaxing back, "I'm so glad it's just us three today." 

"Agreed." Penn hums from in front of me, "The last couple days just haven't been the same." 

I frown, "What do you mean?" 

"I don't know...something has just felt off." Penn shrugs as my mind begins to wonder. 

"I hope you know no one could replace you, Hay." Vera says as she pokes her head through the curtain with a small smile, "You're far too dear to us." 

"Thanks V." I smile back at her as she closes the curtain and resumes to trying on her dress. I then lightly tap on Penn's head, "Hey, tell me more about the wedding. Have you done any more planning?" 

"You mean since the time we sat in David's office for four hours only to come out of it with a glittery, bedazzled  sign that read 'the best wedding ever'?" Penn scoffs as I remember the large banner that Noah was holding up as they walked out of the office. We both chuckle, "No, not really." 

I hum and sigh out heavily, "You'll get there eventually." 

"I know for a fact that I don't want a big wedding. You know, something small and intimate. I also want to get this over and done with before the end of summer." Penn explains as my eyes widen in shock. 

"What!?" Vera and I both exclaim in unison. 

"I mean, we're all here together right now. I love Noah and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I don't know why we need to drag it out for so long." Penn explains with a small shrug as a smile stretches across my face at her adorable reasoning. 

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