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"SO....." VERA TRAILS  of as she raises her eyebrows and pouts her lips, "Last night was a thing." 

"It sure was." I hum as I tap on the leather steering wheel, watching the road in front of me. David's range rover drove so smoothly, but it was a whole different playing field than my mother's tiny grey car that I've dented more times the necessary. 

Still not sure why David thought it would be a good idea for me to drive but oh well, I'm living out my dream of being a rich soccer mom and David's happy. It's a win win situation. 

"Emily called him Everett." 

I sigh as my grip of the steering wheel tightens, "I know." 

"Was it as awkward as I thought it was because shit, it was like I had a front row sweet to one of my favourite soap operas. Spencer was just about ready to slap her into the next fucking decade." Vera giggles as she places her hands to her belly. 

It was just us two today as Vera had an appointment for her ultrasound scan. Everyone wanted to come but Vera thought having all of us squashed in one room wasn't a good idea. So she just promised to bring them back pictures. 

Penn took one for the team and decided to take all the boys on a long hike. It was really cute seeing Noah in his hiking boots that he borrowed from David while everyone was in athletic gear and running sneakers. 

"Of course he was," I chuckle as I shake my head, "It's not like she can't call him Everett." 

"She can't. That's your nickname, Hay." Vera explains as I pull into the parking lot and find the last empty park. 

"I don't own it. And besides, we can't blame her for not knowing that I'm the only one who calls him that." I shrug as I put the vehicle in park, pull out the key and open the drivers door. I slip out and close the door behind me. 

"Well, she should know." Vera points out as i meet her at the back of the car and lock it. 

"Please stop being so wise." I groan as I cross the parking lot and head towards the brick building. 

"Sorry darling, it's a blessing and a curse." Vera giggles as she follows behind me. I push my gold-rimmed sunglasses up onto my head as I step through the glass door and into the waiting room. The receptionist smiles at us as Vera walks up to the desk. 

I take a seat as she talks to the receptionist and fold my legs over the other. I glance around the room, glancing at all the posters of smiling babies and adverts for midwives business. Those ones piqued my interests. 

"Hey," I start as Vera walks towards me and sits, "Do you have a midwife?" 

"Nope." She shakes her head, "I don't want to make a big deal about this and midwives scare me. I know they're just there to help but I don't want another person's opinion on my body." 

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