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I INHALE DEEPLY as I come to the surface of my slumber

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I INHALE DEEPLY as I come to the surface of my slumber. I try to move but am hindered by the heavy weight on my chest. Tilting my chin upwards, my eyes slowly open to see the white ceiling above. Morning light was streaking in through the open windows, and the sheer white curtains were lightly flowing in the wind. 

I glance down at my chest to see a head of curly brown hair lying on my chest. My waist was wrapped up tightly in his arms as he hugged me into his body. Our legs were entangled beneath the sheets, the sheets being the only material I could feel on either of our bodies. 

Oh shit. 

My eyes widen as snippets from last night slowly begin to flood into my brain. How many damn times did we fuck last night? I honestly can't remember, but I'm pretty sure it was more than twice. I was still pretty buzzed from the copious of alcohol I had consumed so some things were blurry. 

All I can remember his hands and lips against my body, digging up a feeling within me that I thought was dead and forgotten. I remember his lips on mine, on my neck, stomach and thighs and....more sensitive areas. I feel heat spread across my cheek as the memories enter like a damn tidal wave this time. 

Chase mumbles against the skin of my chest and hugs me tighter. My heart was torn because half of me wanted to stay wrapped up in him for the rest of the morning while the other half new that this was a bad idea. This is exactly what I was afraid of. 

Ok, plan of attack; somehow unravel from Chase's limbs, get to the bathroom and shower. I always think better in the shower and my shower thoughts are honestly Nobel Peace Prize ideas. Okay...that's a fat lie. My shower thoughts usually go along the lines of 'we never stop clapping, the time between claps just get longer'. 

I count to three in my head before attempting to untangle myself from Chase. I didn't want to, I didn't fucking want to at all. But I knew if I did stay, I'd ruin Chase. That's all I seem to do. I've seen quotes where it's a guy talking about a girl being his saviour while he's her destruction. 

But it's the other way for me. For us. 

After a few minutes of attempting to move, Chase thankfully rolls onto his back and takes his arms and legs with him. I pretend to be asleep for a couple seconds, hoping he would assume that I was actually passed out. I open one eye to check and find that Chase's was still away in dreamland. 

Sitting up, I press the white sheet to my chest while I glance around the room. Vera's floral robe lay over the armchair on my side of the room. Throwing my legs over the side of the bed, I reach across and pull the floral robe flush against my chest. 

I hold it there, covering just the very very naked front of my body, and begin to make my way to my suitcase which was in the walk-in closet. However, me being me, I accidentally trip on my converse and almost fall over. But luckily I manage to catch myself. 

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