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THE HOLDING CELL of Holden Bay Police Department was interesting to say the least

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THE HOLDING CELL of Holden Bay Police Department was interesting to say the least. Especially tonight, it was honestly popping off in here. The cops had eventually arrested the other guys and brought them here, bloody and bruised.

Chase was suppose to be the only one arrested since he was the driver, but Noah and I both apparently annoyed Officer Jacobs so much that we were arrested to. Emily was in here as well after being asked to be arrested. 

Only a few were here, the others were on their way to the hospital. 

We were all sitting down on the wooden benches inside the cell and were trying to make a fun time out of it. 

I sat cross-legged on one bench, Noah was climbing on the bars of the cell like a climbing gym and Chase sat on the other bench directly opposite me with, of course, Emily seated beside him. 

"Excuse me!" Noah sings out as he tires to squeeze his head through the bars. I was glad that the gap was too small because there's no doubt he'd get his head stuck between and we'd be here for even longer. "Hello—Officer, can you come over here." 

"I've already told you, Mr O'Conner, there aren't any oreos in the breakroom." Officer Jacobs sighs as he fixes the waistband of his khakis and walks over to the cell from his desk. 

"I think you guys should really invest—but that's not the point." Noah shakes his head as Officer Jacobs sighs and tucks his thumbs into his uniform issued pants, "The point is, I need you not to tell my mother I've been arrested." 

Officer Jacob's expression was blank as ever, "Excuse me?" 

"If you tell my mother I've been arrested then she will come down here and drag me back to Portland by my fucking ears then she'll fire all of our staff and I'll have to clean the entire house by myself," Noah starts ranting as he grips onto the metal bars, "I'll have to wear a cute little maid uniform—well, that's not bad because I have killer legs—but I won't be able to spend summer here and I won't be able to propose to Penny!" 

"Wait." I say as I throw my legs onto the ground and lean forward, "You're going to propose to Penn?" 

"Umm...."Noah says with the most guiltiest expression on his face, like he had been caught with both hands in the damn cookie jar, "Yes?" 

"Noah! That's amazing." I laugh as I stand up and walk over to him. I throw my arms around his shoulders while smiling wildly. When I step back from Noah, I glare through the gaps of the bar, "Ayo Jacobs! Don't tell his mom because I want to go to a cute ass wedding, okay?" 

"What!?" Officer Jacobs sighs and he looked so close to going through yet another mental breakdown in the past hour, "Where did you come from?" 

I shrug, "I mean, some say the fiery depths of hell but that's yet to be proven." 

"Okay, you know what, we won't call your mother, Mr O'Conner.Now can I please get back to work?" Officer Jacobs questions as he gestures to his messy desk. 

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