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I walked to the courtyard where I usually hung out during lunch. I looked for my friends and found Justin holding a boy up by the collar of his shirt.

I quickly ran towards them to stop him.

"Aye what the fuck! Let the dude go." I took Justin's hand off the collar of the boys shirt.

"He owes me money."

"T-thanks Y/N." The boy stuttered as he adjusted his clothes.

"Beat it." The boy nodded and quickly ran away.

I smacked Justin on the back of the head.

"Ow." He hissed.

"Why you got to bully the freshmen?"

"I told you he owes me money and he wouldn't cough it up. I wanted to buy something from the vending machines."

"Here I got you dude." I took out two bucks and handed them to him. "Just ask me next time so you don't get in trouble." I laughed.

"Thanks Y/NN."

I was about to speak again but another voice beat me to it. "Y/N can you please help us put up some posters!" Shawn came running towards me with Camila trailing behind him.

"Nah I'm good." I said turning my attention back to Justin.

"Please!" He pleaded.

I sighed and looked at him, "Fine."

He tackled me into a hug, "Thank you! Come with us." He said and pulled on my arm. I turned to Justin, "I'm going to go, see you later." He nodded and walked away.

I walked in between Shawn and Camila as he lead me to the student council room. Shawn went into the room and handed me a whole bunch of posters, "Here just put them up everywhere, but not too close together."

I nodded and started putting them up. It took me about 10 minutes to put all of mine up. When I was done I walked towards the student council room to let Shawn know that I was done. I stopped in place when I saw Camila was struggling to put up one of the bigger posters. I decided to be nice and help her. I approached her from behind and tapped her shoulder.

"Need some help?" I offered.

She turned around and sheepishly nodded.

"Here get on my shoulders."


I rolled my eyes, "So I could give you a boost."

I crouched down and she carefully climbed on my shoulders. I held onto her long tan legs tightly so she wouldn't fall back.

After about a minute she spoke.

"Ok you can put me down."

I slowly lowered myself to ground she could hop off. I stood back up and looked at her.

"Thanks," Was all Camila said before walking away. I walked back to the room and poked my head into the room, "Hey dude I'm done can I go?" He nodded his head and thanked me.

I grabbed my bag and left. I went back to the courtyard to look for my friends. I wandered around looking for them.

"Yo Y/N over here!"

I turned and looked towards where the voice came from and saw Dinah sitting on the stairs with some people I sometimes hang out with. I jogged towards them and greeted them.

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