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"Alright I borrowed these movies from Shawn, he said they were good." I grabbed the control and hit the play button. Camila giggled and patted the spot next to her. I laid on her bed and got comfortable. I wrapped my arm around the Latina as she scooted in close and sighed in content. I focused my eyes on the flatscreen as the movie began. The only noises audible came from the characters on the screen and the small laughs I would let out now and then.

Halfway through the movie I glanced at Camila and noticed she looked kind of bored. "You don't like the movie?" I asked.

She shook her head and laughed, "No I do, it's just...I've already seen this movie like a thousand times."

"Bruh. Why didn't you tell me? I could've put something else on." I said as I sat up.

"I didn't think we'd actually be watching it." She casually answered.

"Well you did invite me over to watch movies. What'd you think we'd be doing?" I chuckled.

"I thought we could maybe...you know...since my parents and Sofi aren't home." She mumbled.

"Oh. This is a booty call?" I joked.

Camila laughed and shoved me, "No! It's just that we haven't had sex in a while and I thought now was a perfect time to do it."

"Oh," I nodded,"Well you should've just told me that you wanted to have sex, I don't have any condoms."

She quickly turned around, I watched as she opened the small dresser by her bed and pulled something out. She shut the drawer and turned back around. She lifted her hand up, holding a condom between her index finger and her thumb.

I raised my eyebrows, "Well okay then."

The brown eyed girl made no hesitation to straddle my lap and connect our lips. I cupped her cheek and reciprocated. The kiss wasn't rushed or sloppy, it was slow and gentle. I felt Camila affectionately run her thumb down my cheek, I melted into her soft touch. Our lips stayed locked until air became necessary.

I broke off the kiss and looked down at Camila. She sat up and pulled her shirt off. She laid back down and smiled bashfully. I smiled and began peppering the crook of her neck with sweet kisses. I sucked lightly on her pulse point, earning a soft moan from the girl.

My hand slowly traveled down to her pink silk shorts. I slid my hand in and ran my finger along her wet slit. She groaned against my mouth when I began rubbing her center.

Without taking my hand out of her underwear, I kissed along her collar bones, down her chest, to her tan torso. I stopped for a second to pull my sweats off. Camila took the opportunity to pull off her pink shorts along with her white lace underwear.

I looked back at her and admired her nude figure. She reached for the closed condom on her counter and handed it to me. I tugged my boxers down and rolled the condom down my hardened length. I gently pulled Camila closer to me and aligned myself with her wet entrance. She grasped her bed sheets tightly as I slowly pushed into her.

"Tight." I mumbled.

Once she adjusted, I began moving at a good pace. Camila gripped onto my back for support and let out a breathy moan.

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