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"Are those hickeys?" My mom asked as she washed the dishes.

My eyes widened slightly."Pshhh no." I shook my head making her squint her eyes at me.

"Then what are those?" She said and pointed to the red marks Camila must've left on my neck.

I shrugged, "I fell...on my neck."

She laughed and smacked me with the rag, "I'm not stupid Y/N, do you have a girlfriend?"

I once again shook my head. Camila and I weren't official, so I wasn't lying. She raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Not a girlfriend yet." I explained as I put the dishes into the cabinet.

"Interesting, when do I get to meet this mystery girl?" My mom smirked.

I chuckled in my head knowing she'd already met her. "I don't know yet mom." I answered.

"Mhm." She gave me a look, but didn't push any further.

I finished drying the cups and quickly went up to my room. I shut the door and changed into something more presentable. I was supposed to be going out for pizza with Camila and the girls.

I put my shoes on and rushed out when I heard a loud honk come from outside. I shut the door and walked towards Normani's car.

I opened the car door and hopped in. I reached for my seatbelt and buckled it. I looked up once I was settled and locked eyes with the brown eyes I'd grown to adore. Camila sent me a bright smile making me grin stupidly.

"Hi Y/N." They all greeted.

I waved and looked out the window as Normani began driving. The car was filled with loud music and chatter the whole drive to the pizza place. As soon as Normani parked everyone evacuated the car. I shut the car door and fixed my shirt.

Ally and Lauren began walking ahead of us while Normani and Dinah walked hand in hand next to us.

We entered the pizza place and sat at a booth. I sat next to Dinah and across from Camila. The girls began talking and laughing loudly. A few minutes passed and a waitress approached the table with a smile.

"What can I get for you guys today?" She asked as she looked at my friends.

"Pepperoni and sausage?" Normani turned to look at all of us. "Anything, but pineapple pizza." I answered in disgust.

The young waitress giggled and bit her lip. I raised an eyebrow and looked her up and down, in a non-sexual way.

"We'll just have two pepperoni pizzas." Dinah butted in.

"What about to drink?" She asked as she scribbled the order down on her notepad.

I let the girls order first and waited for them to finish. "What about you?" She smirked and bent down slightly, exposing her cleavage.

I looked down at it for a second until I felt Camila's foot kick me.

"I-uh-a coke." I stuttered stupidly.

She laughed and flirtatiously dragged a hand along my shoulder. Camila shot the girl a death glare. I uncomfortably shifted in my seat as she strutted away.

I looked up and saw Camila staring at me with a blank expression. I gulped and looked back at my friends who were laughing.

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