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I looked around the room as the teacher handed back the tests.

"Some of you did really well." She said as she handed the boy in front of me his test. "And some of you not so well." She eyed me as she handed me my test making the class snicker.

I looked at the grade on the paper and sighed. I got a 23%. I quickly flipped the paper over.

"Remember our final test before grades are due is on Friday. So I suggest you review. Notebooks are also due."

"Psst." I turned around and looked at Shawn.

"What'd you get?" He asked curiously. I watched as Camila looked at me too.

"23%." I bitterly replied. "What'd you get?"

"95%." He said proudly. "How'd you get a 23%? History is literally the easiest class, dumb ass." He laughed.

"Fuck off." I spat.

"What about you Camila?" I moved my eyes towards her.

"100%." She smiled.

"How the fuck! I hate this class so much. I'm going to fail." I cried out.

Shawn shook his head and began talking to his other friends. I turned back around and put my head down.

I felt a hand tap my shoulder, "I could help you study for the next one." Camila whispered. "If you want." She added.

I smirked. "Yea that'd be a lot of help, thanks."

She sent me a bright smile. Camila and I had began getting along a lot more over the past few weeks, even when we weren't fucking the brains out of each other, it was nice.

"I'll come to your place after school?" She suggested.

I nodded, "Sounds good."

The bell to our final class rang and everyone stood up.

"You guys are so lucky you get to go home. I have to stay after school again." Shawn whined.

"That's what you get when you run for school president." I laughed.

Camila and I said bye to Shawn and walked to my car. I unlocked the doors to my car and got in. I drove us to my house and parked.

"Your parents aren't home?" Camila questioned.

"Shawn's dad is on a business trip and my mom is at work." I explained.

She nodded as I unlocked the door to the house. We walked upstairs and sat on my bed. I watched as the brown eyed girl dropped her bag and pulled out flashcards and a banana. She sat across from me and crossed her legs.

"Oh we're actually going to study?" I questioned.

"Yea what'd you think?" She laughed and handed me the cards. I watched as she peeled her banana and bit into it.

"Review them then I'll quiz you." I nodded and began looking through the cards.

I tried my best to memorize as many as I could. When I was done I handed her the cards. She finished her banana and grabbed the cards.

I watched as she pulled out the first card.

"Who was the second president of the United States?" She read.

Fuck. I had just seen that card, but my mind went blank. She stared at me waiting for me to answer.

"Uh John Quincy Adams?" I asked.

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