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"You did what! Please say sike." Dinah exclaimed with wide eyes. I'd just finished telling her about the hasty decision I'd made two weeks prior.

"I'm not kidding. I went to the recruiting office and did the tests. I actually kind of want this now. " I admitted as I dribbled the basketball in my hands.

"Are you crazy?!" She cried out.

"I know that it's a big decision but I don't have much going for me at the moment. I thought it was better than going forward with no plans. I was only thinking about what's best for me, so I thought it couldn't hurt to try." I sighed.

I took a shot at the basket and watched as the ball went through the hoop. I tossed the ball to Dinah who caught it. She stopped in place and eyed me.

"I might not even make it anyway," I added.

"And if you do make it? What about Camila? The apartment? Your guys' plans? Do you really want to be apart from her for four years?" She questioned. "Wait does she even know what you did?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course I don't want to be apart from her for four years. That's the only thing that's holding me back. Everything is so...ugh." I groaned in frustration. "I haven't told her yet. The only person I told is my mom. She isn't thrilled with the idea either but she said she was glad I was at least doing something with myself."

I knew that it was wrong of me to be doing this behind my girlfriend's back since I was literally jeopardizing our entire plans. But I had only been thinking about myself and my future.

"God Y/n, you know, you could really be dumb sometimes." Dinah sighed in disapproval and threw the ball at me.

"I'll tell Camila as soon as I hear back from them-"

Just as if on cue, my phone rang. I pulled my phone out from my pocket and looked at the caller ID. Speak of the devil, it was them. I dropped the ball and quickly slid my finger across the screen to answer. I turned to Dinah and placed a finger over my lips signaling her to be quiet.


"Good afternoon, may I speak to Y/n Y/Ln?"

"This is she."

"We're calling because we've gotten your results back. It's good news, you met all of our requirements and passed the tests-"

A tiny smile of disbelief grew on my face as the person on the line congratulated me and told me what the next steps would be. I nervously paced back and forth as I listened. I honestly didn't know how to feel. Part of me was proud of myself, the other I couldn't describe.

I looked back at Dinah, "Holy shit."

"What happened?"

"I'm in..." I mumbled still a bit in shock.

Her eyes widened.

"So what now?"

"Well the woman told me that the next step would be bootcamp. I have to pass basic training. She told me to go back down to the recruiting office for the rest of the details." I explained.

"Is this really what you want?"

The news still wasn't feeling real. Is this really what I want? I bit my nail and looked up to meet her eyes.

"Like I said it's better than going forward with zero plans for myself..."

"I don't know what to say...I still think this is insane...but I guess I'm proud of you for doing something for yourself. Congrats Y/nn." Dinah said with a small smile.

"Thanks DJ." I pulled her into hug.

"How are you going to break the news to Camila that you're leaving?" She countered.

"Well it isn't set in stone yet. Legally I can still back out before bootcamp, but I'm going to talk out it with her." I said before releasing her.

Dinah nodded her head.

"I should head inside to tell my mom the news."

"Right. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

I entered my house and shut the door. I looked around and saw my mom sitting at the counter doing her usual work.

"Hey mom I have some news." I said aloud as I walked over to her. Those words drew her eyes away from her laptop screen.

"What?" She raised an eyebrow.

"I got a call from the army. They told me I met all of their requirements. I'm able to go to boot camp." I revealed with a half smile.

Her hands immediately went to cover mouth in shock, "Oh my god! Congratulations!" She shot up from her seat and pulled me into a bone crushing hug. "I'm so proud of you Y/n."

I smiled against her shoulder.

"Thanks mom. I'm proud of myself too."

She pulled away and eyed me.

"You seem hesitant. What's wrong?"

I looked up to face her and sighed.

"A part of me wants this, it really does...but I don't want to leave her mom. The apartment...everything we planned...I feel guilty for doing this without her input-"

My mom understood that I was talking about Camila and cut me off, "I know you love her and that this is a big decision but you shouldn't feel bad for putting your future first. You're doing what's best for you. Camila will understand that."

I sighed and nodded my head.

"What else did they tell you?" She asked.

"They told me I had to go back to the recruiting office and they'd tell me the boot camp details."

"Well then let's go?" She suggested and grabbed her keys.

I nodded and followed her out.

The hard part of all this was going to be telling Camila about it. With graduation being the following week, I knew I had to do it soon. I just hoped she would understand.

A/N So I decided to redownload this app after idk how long...at this point i'm just going with the flow 💀 hope you've all been well, and i'd like to wish u all a late happy new year!

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