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I sat in Camila's bedroom scrolling through my instagram feed as she went through all the clothes in her closet and drawers. She had just gotten out of the shower so the only thing she had on was the towel wrapped around her petite body.

Her voice made me look away from my phone. "I need your opinion on what I should wear to the party tonight." I gave her my full attention, "Alright, let's see the options."

She smiled brightly.

"So I was thinking this striped shirt with my ripped jeans." She said while holding up the outfit. She laid it on her bed and picked up the second choice. "Or this crop top with my black skirt." Both outfits were nice, but the second one was kind of revealing. As much as I would love seeing her in the skirt, I really didn't want anyone else gawking over her at the party, so I went with the first choice.

She pouted cutely, "Really? I thought the crop top and the skirt was cute."

"No, it is. You can wear it if you want, I'd just rather not have the random dudes at the party drooling over you," I admitted.

A playful smile formed on her lips, "Fine. I'll just wear the first outfit."

I smiled in approval and stuck my hands into the pockets of my denim jacket. My eyebrows raised a bit when she casually let the towel that was wrapped around her body fall to the floor. I stared at her with no shame and took in every inch of her perfectly sculpted body.

Wow. I love being gay.

Camila caught me staring through the mirror and smirked, "Like what you see?"

I licked my lips, "Very much."

She giggled and turned around once she was fully dressed. "You can just chill and watch tv while I do my hair. I'll try to be quick." She said and grabbed her blow dryer.

I glanced at the watch on my wrist and saw it was 8 o'clock. The party was probably already going on. I turned on the tv and looked for something to keep me entertained.

By the time Camila was done, a whole hour had passed. The brunette came out of her bathroom and placed her makeup bag on the counter. I watched as she applied lip gloss to her plump lips. She smacked them together and spun around, "I'm ready."

"What happened to 'I'll try to be quick'?" I mocked her as I got off of the bed.

"I didn't take that long."

I chuckled, "You look good."

She smiled, "Likewise."


"I could hear the music already." Camila said as we walked hand in hand towards Lauren's house. We were at the corner of her street.

We decided to just walk to the party since it was likely that I wouldn't have been able to find anywhere to park my car if I would've brought it. Lauren didn't live far from us anyways.

As we got closer you could see colorful lights beaming from inside the huge house. We stopped in front of her yard. It was already littered with red cups and there were a bunch of randos fooling around on the lawn.

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