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"Fuck!" The brown eyed girl moaned.

We were currently in Camila's room, hanging out, as she called it. We were originally suppose to be watching a movie.

I felt her push my head down as I dragged my tongue along her moist center. I separated her legs a bit more and brought two fingers to her entrance. I slowly inserted them making her gasp in pleasure. She was really wet.

"Oh my god." She panted lightly.

I continued gliding my tongue up and down her wet folds. I sucked on her clit softly making her moan, she seemed to really like it. I rested my hand on her toned stomach and kept going.

"I'm so close." She mumbled.

I looked up and watched as she threw her head back in pleasure. She looked incredibly sexy right now.

She propped herself up with her elbows and breathed heavily. She ran her fingers through my hair, she caressed it softly. I kept going and curled my fingers in to hit her spot.

"F-fuck Y/N." She moaned loudly.

I felt her walls clench around my fingers. She screamed in pleasure once she hit her climax. My ears were blessed with the sounds of her moans. Her hips rolled and her back arched as she came. I let the Cuban ride out her orgasm.

I watched as her breathing went back to a normal pace. She sat up and looked at me with smile. She grabbed my head and pulled me up into a kiss.

"Fuck." She laughed lightly as she looked at me. I licked my lips and raised my eyebrows. I laid on my stomach next to her.

"Want to hang out?" I sat up and pressed my lips together.

"We just did." She laughed.

"No I mean actually hang out. We could go to movies or some shit." I said nervously.

She slowly turned around and eyed me.

"I'm hanging out with Austin in a bit." She explained as she slipped her shirt on.

I immediately regretted asking. I had almost forgotten about him, but I nodded understandingly.

"Maybe another time?" She suggested.

I nodded. It got kind of awkward, so I stood up and played it cool.

"Right. I should go." I sat up and grabbed my stuff. I made my way to her door.

"Wait—see you later?" She asked hopefully.

"Sure." I shrugged and made my way out of the Cuban's house.

I felt dumb for even asking her. I sighed and went up to my room. I glanced towards Camila's window and saw Austin was already in her room. I got up and shut the blinds.

Normani called me to remind me about the little kickback she was having at her place. I had completely forgotten about it. I took a shower and got changed.

It was getting dark, so I grabbed my car keys and left my house. I sped over to Normani's and walked into her house.

"Y/N! Hey." Ally greeted me with her usual bright smile.

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