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I slowly stirred awake and tried to roll over, but was met with a warm body. I opened my eyes and saw Camila, I almost forgot she was here.

I pulled the cover off me and stood up. I went into the bathroom and freshened up. I rubbed my eyes and walked back into my room when I was done. I looked up and saw Camila was already awake.

She was changed back into her clothes from yesterday and was looking at herself in the mirror. She turned around when she noticed me."Thanks again for letting me crash here."

"Anytime." I grinned. "Your lip looks better."

She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and nodded, "Yeah. I'm just glad he didn't leave a bruise."

She walked into my bathroom and shut the door. After a couple of minutes she came back out. "You hungry?" I asked.

"Very." She admitted.

I chuckled, "Same, let's go see what there is downstairs then."

I walked downstairs with Camila trailing behind. I looked around the kitchen and didn't see anything.

"I'm really craving a banana right now." Camila whined. "Do you have any?" She asked.

I shook the dirty thoughts that popped into my head away and nodded, "There should be some in the fruit basket over there."

She nodded and walked towards the basket that sat on the counter. She grabbed one and peeled it. I watched as she began eating it. I shook my head and looked away.

I grabbed two bowls for cereal and filled them. I slid the bowl towards Camila and sat next to her.

"Where's your mom and Shawn's dad?" She asked as she ate her cereal.

"They went on a trip." I answered.

She tilted her head in confusion, "And they didn't take you?"

"Right?" I faked a hurt tone making her giggle.

We ate in silence for a while as I scrolled through my phone. I felt Camila's eyes on me so I looked up.

"Want to talk about...you know." She mumbled shyly. I smiled as a pink tint appeared on her cheeks.

"Ok." I nodded.

Camila played with her hands while I rubbed my neck nervously. I honestly didn't how to start.

"So..." I trailed off.

"So..." She repeated.

I cleared my throat, "I'm going to cut things off with Ariana because I like you."

She smiled and nodded.

"I like you too Y/N, but I'm not ready to be out yet. You get that right?" Camila asked.

"Wait, so you don't want to be with me?" I questioned in confusion.

"No I do, I just don't know if I'll be comfortable kissing you and holding your hand in public...just yet." She spoke nervously.

"So you want to keep it a secret for now?" I asked to be sure if I understood what she was saying.

"For now." She nodded. "I just want to take things slow." She looked down at her hands.

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