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"So Austin set you up?" Dinah angrily asked.

"Yup." I rolled my eyes as I laid with my head on Camila's lap. "Now I have to think of way to get him back." I bitterly spoke.

Camila jumped into the conversation, "Babe I think you should just let it go. I mean what he did to you was a dick move, but this little "war" between you two is never going to end if you keep fighting back and forth."

I raised an eyebrow and looked up at her, "So you think I should let him get away with this?"

"Hell no!" Dinah interjected.

Camila rolled her eyes at Dinah, "It would be the mature thing to do. Plus I don't want you getting into any more trouble." She frowned and wrapped her arms around me.

I sighed, "Maybe you're right."

I was angry at the situation and definitely wanted to seek revenge, but I was honestly so tired of all this drama.

"I say you beat the shit out of him again." Dinah shrugged and put a gummy worm into her mouth.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea." I thought out loud and stared at the ceiling.

"Has your mom found out about what happened?" Camila asked.

"No I haven't gotten the chance to tell her myself. She wasn't home when I got here, but Mr P said he was going to call her." I explained.

Before the two girls could respond, the door downstairs was slammed loudly and my mom's voice appeared, "Y/N get your ass down here right now!"

Dinah and Camila immediately looked at me. I groaned, "I'm guessing she got the call." I mumbled as I sat up. I opened the door to my room and stepped out. I walked towards the stair case and saw my mom standing at the bottom with her arms crossed.

"Why the hell did your principal just call me to tell me that you were suspended for having drugs on campus!" She exclaimed with an angry expression.

"Let me explain." I spoke as I walked down the stairs. "I promise you that the drugs in my locker weren't mine. Someone set me up so I'd get in trouble."

My mom squinted her eyes at me, "Yeah, that's what your principal said you were claiming. What do you mean "someone set you up"? Who the hell would do that to you?"

"This boy in my grade, his name is Austin. He's been holding a grudge on me for a while and this was his way of getting revenge on me." I explained.

"She's telling the truth Mrs. Y/LN! The guy is simply bitter and a plain asshole. Excuse my language." Dinah interjected, backing me up.

"You're not just covering for Y/N, are you Dinah?" She questioned.

"She's not." Camila butted in.

My mom eyed all three of us and nodded. Her tone and facial expression quickly changed. "Alright then I believe you Y/N. So what are we going to do about this boy?" She asked while crossing her arms. "I know you know how to fight Y/N, I say you teach him not to fuck with you and the beat the shit out of him. I give you my permission."

"Yes! That's what I said!" Dinah exclaimed.

"Mom, no. Camila thinks I should just let this go because it's the mature thing to do."

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