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"Baby stop," Camila giggled breathlessly on the couch as I attacked the ticklish spot on her neck with kisses, "What if your mom walks in?"

"She's still at work." I mumbled out and continued kissing her soft skin. I hoisted myself up with my arms and looked down at my girlfriend.

She smiled and reached out to touch my face. She cupped my cheek and gently caressed it with her thumb. Her big brown eyes twinkled with joy as they stared into mine. I stared back with the same energy.

"Do you want to have kids?" She suddenly asked.

My eyebrows quirked up at the question.

"Uh, kids?" I repeated.

Camila chuckled and nodded.

"Obviously not now, I mean like in the future. Do you ever want to have kids?" She asked again.

I felt my face heat up at the thought of having kids with her someday. Hell, the thought of Camila alone gave me butterflies. There was no doubt that I wanted to start a family with this girl someday, I just had never really actually thought about it. I blushed and moved my eyes back down to my girlfriend who was waiting for my answer.

"O-Oh, well in that case, then of course I do." I finally replied. "I wouldn't mind having a mini Camila someday." I added with a teasing smile.

A pink tint grew across the Cuban's cheeks. "That's so good to hear because I definitely want to have kids with you in the future." She shyly admitted.

I chuckled at her sudden shyness. It was cute. I lowered my head back down and placed a kiss on her plump lips. I felt Camila smile into the kiss. I cupped her cheek and proceeded to deepen the tender kiss. Her fingers traced their way through the back of my hair while mine explored their way up her long tan legs.

I felt goosebumps rise on Camila's skin as my finger tips grazed against her thighs. Her tongue slid across my lips, begging for entrance. I parted them slightly to give the girl what she wanted. Our lips remained attached until the sound of the lock on the front clicking broke us apart.

I rolled off of the smaller girl and allowed her to sit back up. Camila quickly adjusted her clothes and fixed her ponytail. She sat up properly and crossed her legs. We both watched as my mom entered the house and shut the door. She turned around and immediately smiled when she saw us.

"Hi girls." She greeted, taking off her jacket.

I glanced at Camila who still looked flustered.

She cleared her throat and gave my mom an innocent smile. Oblivious to the situation, my mom just walked past us and left the living room. I glanced back at Camila and smirked.

The brunette smacked my arm, "I told you. Your mom almost caught us!" she exclaimed in a whisper and crossed her arms.

"But she didn't." I retorted with a smirk.

Camila rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Y/N! Didn't I tell you I wanted those damn dishes washed before I got back!" My mom's voice suddenly rang through the house.

I groaned and threw my head back.

Camila giggled at my mom's outburst. "I should go," she said and stood up. She stuck her hands into the pockets of her sweatpants and slid her sandals on.

"Nooo!" I whined and grabbed her hand to stop her.

She pouted, "I have to. I need to finish up that essay for English. It's due tomorrow."

I sighed and nodded understandingly.

I followed Camila to the door and walked her out to the porch. "You should tell your mom about our plans of moving in together. I'm planning on hopefully telling my parents by tonight."

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