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"Y/N..." A soft voice cooed into my ear.

My eyes fluttered opened a bit and Camila's face came into view. I squinted my eyes as they slowly adjusted to the light in the room.

"What time is it?" I mumbled.

"Time for school babe, get up."

"No!" I groaned and covered my head with my pillow. I heard Camila giggle before snatching the pillow away from me. I sighed and looked at her. She was already dressed. She wore a cute top with blue ripped jeans. I smiled at the sight of a bow resting at the top of her head.

"You bringing back the bows?" I teased.

She smiled sheepishly, "I just felt like wearing one today." She shrugged.

I went into my bathroom to freshen up. Once I was done I threw on a casual outfit and fixed my hair. I looked in the mirror and shrugged, I looked presentable.

"You look good." Camila complimented.

I turned around pecked her lips, "Thanks."

"Are you ready for senior year?" She excitedly asked as we exited my room.

"Oh definitely!" I sarcastically answered.

She laughed and followed me downstairs. I grabbed my backpack and threw it over my shoulders. "Where's Shawn?" I asked.

"He had to leave early for some student council stuff." Camila explained.

I nodded, "Oh right. I don't understand why they elected him as president again though."

"Because he's a good one." She shrugged.

I was about to speak again, but my moms voice appeared. I looked towards the stairs and saw her coming down, "Y/N have you seen my bag-oh Camila, good morning." My mom greeted.

"Good morning." Camila waved with a grin.

"I haven't seen your bag." I interjected.

"Shit." She mumbled. "Shouldn't you two be leaving? You don't want to be late on your first day." My mom said as she looked around the room. "Right, bye mom." I quickly spoke.

I grabbed my keys from the kitchen counter and headed out with Camila trailing behind. I smiled and listened to the Latina ramble on about how exciting this year was going to be the whole drive there. I pulled into the parking lot of our school and got off the car. I walked next to Camila with a small space between us.

"Y/N, Camila!" Dinah's voice called out.

We both turned around and saw the blonde girl running towards us, "Let me see you guys' schedules!" She demanded.

I pulled out the small paper with my classes from my pocket and stuck it out for her to grab. She eagerly snatched both our papers and compared our classes to hers.

"Yes! I have both of you guys for Math, English, and History. Y/N we also have Science and Art together." She smiled in excitement.

"Cool." I grinned.

"I can't believe Mr. Wilson switched from grade 9 English to grade 12 English." Dinah rolled her eyes as we walked down the hall.

"Same! I hated him freshman year."

"He wasn't that bad." Camila butted in.

"That's because you were a teacher's pet in 9th grade. He basically loved you." Dinah laughed.

I opened the door to our English class and allowed the two girls to enter. I looked around the classroom and saw there was only a few people in here. "Ahh Miss Cabello. It's a pleasure to have you in my class again." The teacher approached her with a smile.

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