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A week and a half went by, and Austin had surprisingly kept his word about leaving me alone. After he returned from his three day suspension, he didn't approach me or say anything to me. I did the same, I was just glad that the drama between us was finally over.

"Your face is almost completely healed," Camila observed and traced her thumb softly under my bruised eye. I sent her a lopsided smile, "Yeah, the black eye is almost gone."

"What about your ribs?" She questioned.

"Still a little sore, but I'm pretty much back to normal." I shrugged.


She took my hand into hers and intertwined our fingers. I rested my head against the wall behind me and looked out at the basketball court. Our whole class was just sitting in the gym because our teacher was absent and there wasn't a substitute to cover for them.

"Since we have like 20 more minutes in here, do you finally want to talk about you telling your parents about us?" I suggested.

Camila nodded and turned her body to face me. "So, I was thinking I should tell them on my own. You're like, my first real and serious relationship, I think it'd be best if I talk to them about it alone first." She said while fiddling with her fingers.

I nodded understandingly. Camila was honestly the first girl I'd ever had a real relationship with too. Sure, I'd dated other girls, but none of them were ever serious to me.

"Yeah, you're my first serious relationship too. I've never told my mom about any of the girls I've dated, so she's probably going to be thrilled when I tell her about us." I admitted.

Camila smiled widely at my words. "Okay, so it's settled? I tell my parents, and you tell your mom? Then we'll go from there?"

"Sounds like a plan. I'll tell my mom later on today." I said with a nod.

"Okay, and I'll tell try to tell mine tonight too." She added.


Camila chewed on her bottom lip while eyeing me. She scooted closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. She let out a sigh and shut her eyes. I smiled to myself and put my arm over her shoulder.


I slowly walked down the stairs. I leaned against the wall by the staircase and peeked over at the kitchen. My mom had her eyes focused on her laptop screen and was typing something on it. I quietly walked over to her and took a seat on the stool in front of her. She moved her eyes up and smiled at me.

"What's up?"

I rubbed the back of neck, "Um, are you busy? I wanted to talk to you about something."

She gave me a questioning look, "Is everything alright Y/N?"

"Yeah, everything's fine. It's just I-uh-I wanted to finally tell you that...I have a girlfriend. And I'm telling you this because things are pretty serious between us."

A smile immediately grew on my mom's face, "Oh my god! When do I get to meet her?" She squealed like a teenage girl.

I let out an awkward chuckle, "Um, you've already met her actually."

My mom knotted her eyebrows. She looked like she was thinking really hard. "Really? Who is it?" She curiously asked.

I cleared my throat, "It's...Camila."

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