Radio Problems

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+Rebellion Base 2 days later+

"Aww, she's so cute." Matt gently pinches the baby girl's cheek gently while she giggled and holds his fingers when he lets go.

"Thank you Purple, I'm sure she appreciates the compliment." A survivor woman tells the ginger. Her husband smiles in appreciation for Matt's words.

"Well, I will leave you to breakfast with your family. Edd and Tom might be looking for me since we usually have meals together."

The husband and wife wave goodbye to the Purple leader as he goes off into the crowd of people in the dining hall.

Matt searches the tables and spots his friends at their usual spot. He makes his way over to them and takes a seat beside Edd. "Hey guys!"

"Hey Matt, we were just thinking you lost your way here again," Edd says digging into his soup.

"I didn't." He mumbles as he takes a piece of bread from the basket.

Tom quietly ate across from them while he went over some paperwork he received earlier. He picked up the next one and his eyes scan the page. His sockets widening a few centimeters. "Ugh, guys?"

"Yeah Tom?" The two men looked up from their food to him.

"It says here, on one of the reports, that channel ZX27 is to be turned on at the radio room. Howard said he read an update in the newspaper about the government trying to get in contact with our Rebellion." He looked at his friends unsure. They work separately from the government, if they want their help now why didn't they ask earlier.

"I think we should hear them out," Edd says grabbing some toast and getting up. "Who knows, maybe they want to share information."

Matt shrugs and follows Edd out of the dining hall, leaving Tom seated at the table with his papers and breakfast. "They probably don't need me to be there. I still need to handle finish these papers."

"Blue! Look I found these amazing sparklers!"

"Hey! Blue! Hannah's picking on me again!"

"No I'm not! Erin's lying!"

Tom pinches the bridge of his nose and breaths. "Paperwork can wait, whining soldiers first." He got to work, helping his soldiers out while helping the other soldiers who aren't even part of his building.


Edd and Matt arrive at the radio room where some soldiers were working at their station or relaxing. When the soldier saw them they straightened themselves out and saluted them.

"Good morning Green and Purple!"

"Calm down guys, you know you don't have to do that." Edd waves at them to calm down. The soldiers relax at the Green Leader's comforting presence. "Anyways, Tom told us about channel ZX27 being open for a chat with the government."

A large man pushes through the crowd wearing a purple patch with a radio on it, meaning he's part of Matt's group for the radio department. "Yes sir, Howard told us to set up the channel for when you three came."

"Lead the way Gilbert," Matt says following his soldier to one of their radio stations. Edd comes along and takes a seat on one of the chairs.

"Make sure to disrupt our signal a bit so they can't track where we are," Edd orders firmly to the other soldiers in the room. Everyone takes their place and goes through the procedure for when they make large-scale radio calls. "Clear?"

"All clear Green!" One of Edd's soldiers gives the clear signal.

Matt flicks one of the switches on and they're trying to make contact. Edd takes the mic to speak. "Hello? This is Green from the Rebellion base."

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