New Home, New Job

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+With Tom and Tord+

After a few hours on the plane, Tom got out of his seat to get an early dinner ready in the kitchen area of the plane. He thanked Jehovah silently that Tord fell asleep in his seat an hour ago so he still had a lot of time to cook and serve.

"Hm? Where are you going Blue Leader?" He hears Patryk ask him.

"First, don't address me as Blue Leader. Address me as Tom or Blue please." He sees two nods from the soldiers behind the wheel. "Second, I'm just going to prepare some food in the kitchen part of the plane. My soldiers and you two need food to keep your energies up." Tom is purposely planning on leaving Tord to go hungry when he wakes up. There is no way he's gonna cook for the Norwegian who is by far the number one most hated person on his blacklist. "Don't wake him up, I don't want to be bothered by this annoying prick looking over my shoulder while I cook."

Patryk nods, not realizing his Leader was being left out of his little group of people to feed. "Yes, sir."

Tom heads out of the cockpit and closes the door behind him. He found mostly all his soldiers sleeping in their seats and leaning against one another for support.

"Blue?" Jasper says, still awake and keeping herself busy with a book.

"Hey, Jasper." He greets her with a smile. "I'm heading to the kitchen area of the plan to get dinner ready. Would you like to help?"

She nods as she puts her book down on her seat. Jasper unbuckles her seatbelt and stands up. "I'll help, Sadie and her team are sleeping anyways. They've been playing a round of Go Fish for the last two hours, they passed out a moment ago. Plus she's got this drool trail going on." She snickers quietly.

"Then let's head to the kitchen quietly now. We don't need to disturb the others." The both of them go straight to the kitchen area.

It wasn't that big since they're on a plane and all, but it was just enough to make those first-class meals. The both of them start to bring out plates, utensils, ingredients, and plates. Tom worked on the hot meal he managed to fix up on the stove while Jasper whipped up some desserts of the sorts.

An hour later they managed to finish making everyone's meal. "Shepherd's Pie for the main meal, scones for some snacks, and Steamed Lemon Pudding with Treacle sauce for dessert," Tom says looking at the meals. "Nice work with the desserts Jasper, I'm impressed." Tom compliments his soldier as he bends slightly to take in the sight of her beautifully crafted dessert.

Jasper lightly blushed feeling embarrassed. "Aw, thanks Blue, it's nothing really. My Mother used to teach me her pâtissier way when I was younger. Guess it got stuck along the way to my muscle memory."

"Let's get these bad boys out in the carts and start serving. It'd be a shame to waste these."

The two of them place the meals on two carts, they would have to make round trips to get more since their carts can't carry all of them. They placed some large containers holding some drinks on their carts to offer to them as well. Once the carts were full enough they went out of the kitchen area and put the brakes on them when they entered the passenger room.

Tom and Jasper took their time waking up their friends to give them their meals. The Blue soldiers were surprised by the beauty of their dishes and praised the both of them. They ate with quiet chatter filling the room as they savored every bite.

"Do you need help with those last dishes Blue? I can help you take them to the cockpit if you want." Jasper offers once they went back to the kitchen to put one of the carts away.

"Don't worry about it Jasper, I got this," Tom says placing the last three dishes on the cart. He put the drinks in the holders of the cart. "Go join the others and eat. I'll be fine with the rest."

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