Let's Talk

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~+Week Later: Red Army Base+~

It's been a week since the incident with the Blue Army. Every soldier was back on track with their normal duties and helping each other through work.

Tord, before heading to the cells, apologized to Tom first. From the heart, he sincerely apologized for saying what he said to the other man.

"Listen Tom," he runs the back of his neck as his good eye carefully looks to meet Tom's eyes. "I just want to say sorry about earlier. I didn't mean all those things I said about you."

The brunet merely smiles forgivingly at Tord. "It's fine Tord, our emotions got the best of us. Let bygones be bygones and move on. Okay?"

Tord nods in agreement, Paul comes up to greet the two before pulling his son away to take care of other matters concerning Connor. There, Tord and Tom went their separate ways after chatting for a while longer. Tord promises Tom he would fix up a new set of VR goggles for him later after he was done with his work.

Paul then leads Tord away, so he is going to fulfill that promise of slowly torturing Connor until he was begging to end his life already.

+Medical Ward+

Tom sits on his temporary bed in the medical ward. Tord had one of his soldiers deliver his new eye set a moment ago. So he's setting them up now.

"And let's turn it on." His finger pushes the one button, letting the device come to life. The familiar view of the medical ward takes his vision up on the screen.

"You alright over there Blue?" Grace calls from the other side of the curtain while she's helping one of the wounded soldiers.

Tom looks to his left seeing two shadows. "I'm fine Grace, I finally have my sight back too."

He hears her laugh lightly as she goes back to treating the soldier she's with. Tom looks to the small table to his left, smiling he reaches over to pick up his radio.

"Hey, does anyone know where the Commie is? I need to speak with him."

Soldiers were voicing their replies on the chafed channel.

"No clue Blue Leader."

"I think I saw him head for the cells Blue."

Tom shakes his head, chuckling at the responses. Then he hears Paul's voice on the radio address him.

"Tom, Red Leader's working on something right now in the cells. He told everyone already to stay out while he's working down here, including you."

"Including me, huh?" Tom rolls his green digital eyes. He assumes Tord is doing something weird again. "Alright, but tell him to meet up with me later in the dining hall. I want to talk about something with him over lunch."

This time Patryk answers him cheerfully, "We'll inform him as soon as he's done!"

With that, they end the chat. Tom slowly gets off the bed to stand up and stretch. Man, he had a lot of catching up to do since he took a week off from work.

"Grace, I heading to my office to finish up some work!" He shouts over to her as he starts his way out of the medical ward.

"Don't force yourself Blue! If you feel faint, just come back."

"Will do!"

+Cells: With Tord+

Tord wipes his forehead with his arm, smearing little drops of blood across his skin. His other hand places his tool down on the tray on the elevated table next to him.

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