Red Leader's Distraction/Blue Leader's Role

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+America: With Tord three days later+

Tord sat in the meeting, with the American president, looking very irritated and distracted. He was still moody over the call he had with Tom when he was on the plane hours ago.

Seriously, he can handle his own soldiers very well, thank you very much. They were perfect in every way for battle, handling their duties around the main base along with the other spread out bases around the world.

Tom was just being stubborn. That's it.

"Red Leader."

Tord focuses on where he is again after getting out of his thoughts. The America president looking at him with a confused expression. "Forgive me, my mind is elsewhere at the moment."

"I understand, I'm sure you are thinking about your many other battles around the world." The man in high power folds his hands together as he lets out a tired sigh. "Anyways Red Leader, we have two representatives from the British government. I was told you know them personally."

"Who?" Tord questions as he sits up in his seat.

The president signals for his agents to bring out the representatives. The Norwegian man's good eye widen just a bit at the sight of his two ex-roommates. Edd and Matt walk over to stand on either side of the president with concerned expressions as they look back at Tord.

"I must say I'm surprised." Tord merely says as he observes them from across the table.

His thoughts were quickly wandering back to Tom again. He pressed his cold robot hand against his forehead, deciding to take a small break as he was in no mood to continue right now. "I would love to chat more gentlemen, but sadly I can't seem to focus right now. Let's continue in an hour." He stands up from his seat and turns around to where Paul and Patryk are standing there waiting as they open the door for him.

"Wait Tord-"

"We'll continue in an hour, old friend," Tord said as he pauses in his steps at the sound of Matt's voice.

Matt looks down while Edd takes his place to speak. "Did you find Tom?"

Tord makes a fist with his real hand, keeping his other hand behind him. "How do you think England received their freedom." He hears Matt gasp even though they already knew of Tom's capture from what the Major Generals told them when they were first contacted. It was a big surprise when they even got a hold of Matt's old radio. Then again Tom's soldiers were always so observant of their surroundings so they could easily find anything.

"What are you doing to him?" Edd questions with stern worry.

"That's for me to know and you to keep out of." Tord makes way pass his two soldiers who don't give the men in the room a second glance as they close the door behind them. His shoulders relax when he comes out of the meeting room.

"What would you like to do now Red Leader?" Paul asks as he puts a comforting hand on his adopted son's shoulder. He's been noticing Tord hasn't been paying any attention lately to the meetings since they arrived. Meanwhile, Patryk pulls out his phone to dial a few numbers while Paul and Tord continued to talk.

"Let's just grab lunch before we continue the meeting." Maybe some food will bring his mind back to the game.

"Then I'll inform our cooks to make something up for us." Tord nods and lets Paul move away to head to the kitchen where some of his soldiers are stationed. Once Paul is gone Patryk went up to Tord with a mother-like expression.


Said man looks at the other person who called his name. He saw Patryk holding out a phone to him. "Did someone call Patryk?"

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