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~+Red Amry Base: A week after Tom came back+~

Tom came into the uniforms department with a casual smirk on his face. He looks like he won the lottery for by the way he had a skip in his step.

"You look really happy today Blue. Did something really good happen today?" Neva as giggling behind her hand as her leader comes over to her workstation.

"You could say I have something planned for later today." Tom shrugs. He pulls a piece of folded paper from his back pocket and slides it over to the department head. "I was wondering if you could possibly make this for me before tonight?"

Neva picks up the piece of paper and unfolds it. Her eyes scan the unfolded piece of paper, whatever was written on the page made Neva tear up in laughter. "Omg Blue, who is this for?! It's so cute but very..." She shifts her eyes to see if anyone would overhear. So she whispers, "How should I put it? Hm... not rated PG I guess."

Tom gives her a light laugh, "Top secret actually." He tells her with a sly look. "So can you make this before tonight or not? I've got a lot planned later if you can manage to get this done today."

Neva nods as she refolds the paper, "Don't worry Blue, I got you covered for the personal request. I should be done after dinner."

The brunet grins, "Thanks Neva, you're the best like always." The woman shoos him off to go back to work while she takes care of her own orders for the day.

Tom goes back to his office to find the kids drawing around the low coffee table again in front of the tv running some cartoons. "Hey you two, I'm back from seeing Neva."

"Hi mom!" Tomi greets him when he looks up from his drawing. His little hands pick up his drawing and shows it to Tom proudly. It had all of them together holding hands.

Tom sits next to Tomi and hums in amusement. "Your drawings are adorable as always."

Torm passes his mother a piece of paper, "Can you draw me and Tomi, mother? Tomi and I keep arguing about who should do it."

Tomi pouts and grosses his arms stubbornly. "I said you could draw us."

"You're the better artist though." Torm remarks looking at his brother with furrowed brows.

"Alright you two, settle down. I can draw for the two of you, but it won't be as good as Tomi's art." Tom settles the fighting down quickly.

Tomi gets up to sit next to Torm on the other side of the low coffee table.

Tom gives them one look before drawing them on the blank sheet of paper.

~Meanwhile With Tord~

Tord spent most of the day going checking up on his departments. Doing check ups is a regularly thing he started doing after Tom influenced him a bit.

Okay, not true, Tom actually influenced him a lot. But it wasn't like it was a bad thing.

Tord watched as Amy and two of her assistance show him their two latest invention of time travel devices. It's in a form of a watch and the other one looking like some child's toy.

"I can understand the invention of time travel watch, but why does the other one look like some child's toy?" Tord asks as he picks he thing up.

Amy giggles, "It doesn't hurt to have something unsuspecting to be a time travel device. Rest assured these will not be leaving our sights unless you or Blue Leader request to use them." She claps her hands so her two assistants could carry them away to the safe value for important devices held in the armory.

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