Prepare Yourself

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+A week after Tamara's visit+

To Tord's account, after his surprising action towards Tom, the said man was avoiding him like the plague. Thus, the avoidance has put him on more stress and worry then he ever had before.

He sat in his office, finally finished with his paperwork and is now hitting his head against the desk in small thumps. His parents were even watching his sorry display of how much of what he did to Tom affected him.

"Tord, honey, seriously? What is going on with you?" Patryk asks as he sets his papers down on Tord's desk.

Paul nods, "Yeah, not to mentions we've seen Tom avoiding you like the plague lately." The mentions of the avoidance made Tord hit his head harder against the desk. "Oh, so this is a Tomcat problem..."

Patryk looks at Paul with a scolding expression. "Pau, now is not the time to be funny. This is serious."

"Sorry, Pat." Paul apologizes, not looking the least bit sorry, as he scratches the back of his head.

The taller man looks back at Tord who finally stopped hitting his head against the desk. "So what did you do young man?"

Tord doesn't look up at his dad, but still replies, "What makes you think it was my fault?"

"You're beating yourself up by hitting your head against the desk."

Tord turns his head to the side and sighs, "Fine... I..." He quietly mumbles his answer which his parents could hardly hear.

"Say that again Tord, but louder so we can hear you," Paul tells his son.

"I kissed Tom."

The two parents look at each other and broke out into either laughs, grins, or both.

"My boy is a man now!"

"Who confessed to who?!"

They say, completely forgetting Tord is in a sour mood. Tord just covers his head with his arms. "No one confessed guys, I just kissed Tom out of the blue after some girl in his office left," Tord grumbles out, he was not in the mood for this.

"Aww, were you feeling jealous Tord?"

Tord sits up and leans back in his chair, arms crossing over his chest as he holds a scowl on his face. "I'm not jealous."

"Denial~" Patryk sings out as he smiles over at Paul who chuckles in amusement.

Knock knock

"Come in," Tord says to get his parents to shut up about his jealousy. However, he was not prepared for Tom to come into his office. "T-Thomas." He mentally slaps himself for stuttering. His parents look towards Tom and they play it cool with greeting his with a smile. They step aside so Tom could walk closer.

"Red Leader, I have your schedule cleared for the day."

Tord eyes look at Tom questionably, he already had a day off just last week though. Why would he need another one?

"That's all, I have to report." Tom turns around to leave.

"Um, Thomas-"

"Please make sure to check on your soldiers later." The man in blue leaves through the door with a resounding click.

Tord really wished he could take back that one mistake.

+In Blue Quarters+

"Everyone in position?" Reggie asks through the Blue radio channel.

"All clear!" Everyone sounds back.

Zack chuckles as he nudges his partner. "We can finally let it rip huh?"

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