Starting Small and a Plan

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+Rebellion Base+

Once Tom finished dressing into another pair of clothes, he looked at himself in the body length mirror. Black worn out jeans with his typical ska theme shoes, and his usual blue hoodie fits over his teeshirt. Nothing has really changed with his attire since their hoodies represented their title. His soldiers in the uniform department pestered him from time to time to try one of their designs for him, but he pushed it off with a laugh or a sarcastic remark here and there. He did a full check and sighs.

'Are you gonna explain to the newbies about me?'

"Maybe later Tomi, I still have to speak with the two Red soldiers group six captured." He says to himself towards the mirror. His reflection wavers and his half monster self-took his place.

'Can I play with them when you're done?' Tomi askes with a playful smirk forming on his lips.

Tom shakes his head, "Not this time, but maybe next time." He smiles softly at Tomi through the reflection. "Thanks for helping me earlier Tomi. The Commie was about to drag us away from everyone."

"Anything for you Tom~." His monster self-giggles like a child and gave Tom a mocking bow. "But I really did find your enemy as a good potential mate." He adds, making Tom look at him with a scowl.

"No Tomi, Tord is not going on our list," Tom says firmly to argue. He walks over to his drawer and pulls out another pack of ammunition and puts in in his pouch.

Tomi whines as he presses himself against the mirror. "Aww~ Come on Tom! He's just our type and let's not forget his state of dominance is just my type of Alpha." Tomi looks drunk on lust about thoughts of Tord.

Tom shakes his head, "Tomi stop! I do not want those images in my mind."

"At least admit he's really hot now. Those sculpted muscles we felt when he pressed us against his chest. Let's not forget that accent of his had you practically shivering."

Tom scrunches up his nose when he remembers being held by his enemy and how close he was. "Shivering in disgust more like it." He kicks the bottom drawer close with his foot and makes it to the door to go. "Take a nap Tomi, it'll be awhile before I finish talking to our prisoners."

"Yes, Tom." Tomi agrees with playfulness before sleeping in the back of Tom's mind.

Tom rolls his sockets and starts walking out the door, going to the Blue Cells on the lower levels of his building. He pulls out his radio halfway there and switches it to the private channel. "Edd? Matt?"

"Tom!" Both of them exclaim loudly through the device. He assumed Edd and Matt were in each other's company again. "We were so worried about you! Your soldiers, Eric and Frank, told us about your situation when they heard it on the radio!" Edd kept raising his voice as he spoke.

"Edd, lower your voice. I'm here alright, Tord didn't catch me." Tom held the device away from his head just in case either Edd or Matt starts shouting again.

"Wait, Tord?" Matt asks surprised.

Tom nods even though he knows that can't see him. "Apparently he joined the government in their search for me. He told me they have soldiers dispatched everywhere in England guys." He could hear his friends shuffle on the other end. "I don't think our location is safe anymore."

Edd pinches the bridge of his nose feeling a headache coming on. "Tom we can't move anymore. Our hands are tied here."

Tom turns the corner and enters the doorway down to the basement. "I have an idea Edd, but I know you won't like it." He thought of the survivors and Edd and Matt's soldiers. His soldiers were also very important to him when he thought of the plans. "I'll tell you when I'm finished interrogating the Red soldiers my patrol group caught."

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