A quirky birthday

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"No, me and Emily are not dating." Harry murmured to the interviewer trying to catch his attention. I tried to hide my laughter at how Niall kept on munching on crisps while we were bombarded by the papparazi's. I threw my arm around him, and he simply looked at me, then kept on munching like I wasn't there. "Ah Niall, mind sharing some?" I asked him jokingly. He flinched by the words, and simple shook his head. "Get your own." he mumbled with a mouth full. I chuckled and looked at my other mates who were trying to keep the interviewers away from their hair. After a long exhausting walk, Paul quietly escorted us in the limousine, and off we go.

"Wow" was all of us could say. "That was a bit of a..." Liam paused trying to think of a word. "A predicament." I cooed. Liam nodded approvingly. "So, what do we do for the rest of the night boys?" he asked eyeing all of us. We all simply shrugged in sync not knowing a good thing to do at a time like this.

My stomach grumbled while the silent filled the room. "Then I guess were eating out." Zayn stated chuckling at my little blunder. I sighed and simply stared out the window. My tiredness overruled my desire to be all hyper, and plus I agreed when they requested for me to do minimal shouting just for this night. "Are we there yet?" Niall pouted asking Paul for the twenty-hundreth time. "No Niall, were not." he mumbled keeping an eye on the road. Ah, leave it to Paul to stay calm after being asked if were there yet numerous times by Niall.

"And were here." he finally stated. I stretched as we all got out of the car. Man, I can use a Big Mac tonight I thought. When we finally got seated, the McDonalds were filled with the elderly, and some teenage Directioners taking some pics of us ordering something. They wanted us to have our privacy so they just simply stuck in a corner taking pictures and murmuring to themselves. Which I gotta say was pretty nice considering I can't handle a huge frolic of fangirls ruining my meal.

Not that I hate fans, but in my state right now, I can even barely handle long conversation until I'm fed. Now I know what Niall means when he complains about not having food. "So..." I mumbled trying to ease the silence in the table.

"So..." Harry responded eyeing me with interest. "AGHHHHH! SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING!" I practically screamed out of my lungs. 4 pairs of eyes looked at me surprised. "Lou calm down, the food is going to be here soon." Niall beamed at me looking proud to even argue with me. I can't get bored when my little leprechaun is this happy, so I just sighed and positioned myself to something more comfortable.

"Here's your food." a staff member came up to us. I didn't even know McDonalds do serving, but hey, I'm in no position to pry. "Thanks love." Harry winked at girl. We all sighed and I smacked the back of his head with a chuckle. He shrugged with a cocky smirk in direction.

After we finished the buffet of food, were finally good and tuckered out. "Lads, we should've gotten one of the McFlurries.. I heard it's rockin!" Niall insisted while we were walking to the van. "Oh Niall, we'll get em' next time." Liam promised with complete sincerity written his eyes. Niall finally stopped arguing and sat obediently at the van with his seat perfectly buckled; a smile was smugly on his face.

Leave it to Daddy Direction to fix problems. When we finally got to the condo, everything appears to be cleaner. Clothes neatly folded on our beds, clean tables. Ahh, this is best thing about being in a band, who likes to go to hotels, you barely have to clean up after yourself! But honestly, I'd preffer it the way it was before, considering I knew where everything was, but now I'll have to look for the carrot boxers Zayn got me inorder to fall asleep.

I sighed after searching for like.. I stared at my watch. 10 minutes. I'm am willing to sleep on my current boxers as my pj's.

'eep..Beep......Beep....Beep....' an annoying sound filled my bedroom. "AGH!!! Someone turn that wretched thing off." I mumbled barely even awake. 'Beeep... beep...beep...beeep....' "HOLY CARROTS!" My eyes quickly flew open. That clock was meant to ring for special events. My eyes then quickly scanned the calendar on my i-phone, and it said it was February 1st... What could be important for that date... I took a second to think about it, and something clicked together.

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