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Louis POV

"So Mr. Styles, just get lotsa rest, alright?" The doctor called out from behind and Harry nodded with a smile. "You got it doc." he saluted and sat beside Niall. My heart ached a little seeing them together. Though the dream I had was very vivid, I remember being happy having his lips on mine. I still couldn't get it outta my head no matter how hard I tried, and I've tried.

I didn't notice, but I started furiously blushing when Harry looked at me when I was thinking of him. I stared back at him shrugging it off and meeting his green orbs. "Louis.. right?" I nodded. "Last time I checked there was a Louis in there." I added. "Okay Louis.. why are you red to the--""Save it Curly." I stopped him on his tracks. "But how did you--""I am yoda I know all." The boys haulered in laughter high-fiving me one-by-one. Though Harry said nothing, I can't help but feel amusement in his eyes. It's weird, but I think not all was lost.

"Haha Good one Lou." Zayn chuckled last while wiping a fake tear from his eyes. Harry smiled without revealing his dimples. Honestly, it was if he was trying to hide something. Niall threw an arm around him and I flinched. Now I'm starting to regret the well-being of claiming myself to be only claimed as one of his best of friends. It horrendous seeing him being touched by another man. Not that I had a problem with it before, but this time is special.

For a leprechaun who can't keep secrets, I don't see why he had to lie about this whole thing. This facade definitely has to end. I needed to know why he did it, and took away my Harry. Wait, 'my' Harry? Have I fallen that hard that I tend to feel possesive to that boy?

I looked angrily at Niall, and he frowned looking hurt. I did not talk anybody on our way home, and I preffered it that way. It's better than making it awkward with short sentences I manage to think of in a spur of moment. And plus Niall doesn't take it too well when people get mad at him. He just avoid contact with that person for a while, while he pouts in a corner.

I totally hate it. I hate it to the very core that I'm mad at one of my best pals. Though.. I really need to talk to him. After we've arrived at our flats, each one of us filed in coming out one by one  stretching as we got out. Niall was stretching, but I grabbed his shoulders, and dragged him to a private spot within the flat that even Harry knew nothing about with his memories or not.

Niall looked confused, but let me drag him. I halted to a stop and faced him with the best displeased face I can make. A a chuckle escaped from his lips, meaning I clearly wasn't doing a good job. "What are you trying to do?" I spat while I awaited for his reaction. His eyes widen and he avoided my gaze.

"Niall, look at me." I commanded. he flinched but kept his eye on his shoe. "Niall," I commanded again still waiting for him to look. After a few minutes, he finally did look up with cristallized eyes. He was holding back tears. Crap, crap, why do I have to be so demanding?

"Why do you care? I thought you were just his 'best friend'? Or do you think it's more than that? Hmm?" I stood there absorbing each word, and realized that he is infact correct about this. I did lie to Harry about our relationship. And I sorta broke it off. I couldn't get a single word out.

"Niall.." was all I could say. He blinked, and tears started pouring on his face. "Niall, I just ..." I paused biting my lips. "I just need to know why..." I trailed off as he sunk down into a crouch. "I.. I just wasnt everything back to normal, and that includes you guys.. actually being together.."  I felt really, really bad now. I didn't mean to hurt him in that way.

"Niall.. you didn't have""Just stop it Lou!" he hissed glaring while tears are still running down his face. "If you can't tell Harry about your relationship, then I'll have to pry it out of you!" he threatened then quickly wiped away his tears with his long-sleeve, and then got out from our private lil' corner, and ran down to his own direction. 

I came back infront with the confused looking Harry. He smiled when he noticed me and waved. "Er..." he mumbled while kicking a pebble from the ground. "Liam told me to wait here.." he whispered awkwardly. Oh right... he doesn't remember. AT ALL! My heart it hurting so much right now. I got one of my pals mad at me, and now I'm mad at Harry for not remembering.

What's wrong with me? I didn't noticed I blanked out, until Harry frantically waves his hands infront of my face. "Oh right... I'll take you there." I fake smiled, and quietly ushered him to the flat.

Harry POV

Louis looked so fragile right now, that he looked like he is on the verge of crying he looked definitely broken. Something must've happened when he had that 'talk' with Niall. Speaking of Niall, he came out running with a face full of tears. He didn't see me infront of him, and accidentally bumped my shoulder.

I didn't mind at all, because he looked hurt, and chances are, he needed to talk to either Liam or Zayn. Louis made no attempts of even starting a conversation with me. He looked like he's elsewhere. Not here, he's in his own world when he needed to think.

Should I tell him the truth? No. He'll get mad and leave me again. But, I wanna have a reason to hug and or kiss him. There was definitely some kind of an all-rage war going on inside my head. Louis opened the door, flinching when he saw the flat. Did I do this to him? Did I ruin his life. I needed to know. I love him, and I want to know.

"What are you hiding from me Lou?" I asked suddenly not recognizing my own words. Louis winced, and stopped. I held on the hem of his shirt to indicate for him to face me, and he doesn't. I tugged on just a little harder, and he turned around with cristallized eyes.

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. "Are you--" "Let's just go Haz." he smiled sadly. leading th way once more pointing to places I should be aware of, and routines I usually do during the day. His eyes never met mine as I saw a drop of tears dropped down to the ground. "Lou." I called out, and this time he didn't hesitate turning around.

"Harry. I love you." he stated silently waiting for me to answer. "But I thought Ni--" His lips crashed to mine hot and pleadingly. Our lips molded just like before. This is the exact thing I longed for. I wanted to tell him. My resolve is intact now.

After we gasped for air, we both plopped down the snog chair, and I on the other hand kneeled down eye-level to his, and leaned my forehead to his. The thought of me telling him hurt my resolve a little, but he needed it right now.

I took a long huge sigh, and sat straight on my back. "Louis, I lied." he looked taken back by the words but said nothing. "I lied." I said again and he still said nothing. "Lied about what?" he asked curiously while crossing his arms. "I didn't lose my memory."

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