Know your 'true' enemy

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Louis POV

"No really Liam... what's the punch line?" I asked almost pleadingly. Liam just looked at me with unblinking eyes showing full sincerity. "Cmon Li..." I cooed as I, all of a sudden  felt weak, and sat on the floor. "We have to leave soon." I whispered while I stared at the ground.

"This can't happen to us Li... Not when..." I felt tears dripping down my face. Harry sat beside me, and gave my shoulder a light squeeze. "It'll be alright Lou... We'll find him.. no problem." Harry tried assuring me, but the wavering tone in his voice said the complete opposite.

I couldn't bare stare at anyone. I felt like a complete and utter crap. "How did it happen?" Harry asked Liam and I flinched, but not a word escaped my lips. "Well.." he stared off into space as if looking at a timeline in the blank space. "He was about to buy some food.. I told him not to, since he buys too much food, but he said he'll 'try' to buy a little less, and he'll be our little slave if he doesn't." a faint chuckle errupted from Liam.

"Anyways, everything felt fine.. until Zayn dropped a glass cup. Zayn.. he doesn't just drop stuff." Liam chewed on his finger nails just looking for something to keep him intact. "A shiver then ran down from both our backs, and we just had to simply call Niall if he was okay..but.." I can feel that he was holding back tears.

"But then.." he croaked. "he doesn't answer... we.. we tried calling him a few more times, and we sent alot of texts checking if he's okay.. but he never responded." The last few words dropped on our heads like ice cold bricks. "But.. Niall always.. always answers his phone." I manged to choke out, and Liam nodded, while pounding on the wall.

This time, I did look up, and saw that Liam's knuckles were pale and covered in bruises. Harry noticed it the same time as I did, and pulled him down and tried soothing him down. We remained still for a while just sitting there, until the door opened. 

We were unsure of who it was, but we remained still. A familiar black quiff popped in through the door, and Zayn was there. He looked really exhausted. His hair was dishelved, and he had bags under his eyes. "I still can't find a lead." he whispered scratching his hair furiously.

He plopped himself down beside us, and leaned his head on my shoulders. I patted his back softly, letting him cry his eye-balls out. We couldn't get to sleep at all knowing that Niall could be anywwhere by now, and we have no bloody clue where to start looking.

After days, we were all very much exhausted, and Management promised to hold back the concerts till we find him. "I swear their not helping at all!" I hissed as I stared angrily outside. Niall's been missing the whole time, and they can't even find one single clue.

We have to find Niall.. no matter what..  but where the bloody hell are we suppose to start looking?

Harry POV

This searching is totally draining us. Management promised that they'd help, but it seems like they didn't care at all whatsoever what happened to Niall.. I mean us boys are going out of our way to try to hide the secret that he's missing, while we look for him but what do they do? They delay the tour for a week, that's what.

How very helpful I might add. Hint the sarcasm. I need to comfort Louis. This past few days, I know he's been really scared, and I have been really busy helping to search on my own way, so and Liam and Zayn. Were practically loosing sleep!

When I arrived to the room we both shared, Louis was just leaning on the wall while he was sitting on the bed side. As soon as he saw me, those twinkly blue-grey eyes sparkled like no other. He invited me to sit on his lap, and I happily obliged while I nuzzled my nose at the crook of his neck.

Louis then hugged me by the waist as we sat there silently, absorbing taking each other's presence as if were on our own world for the moment. We surely needed one of these breaks to just relax and be with each other, it keeps us sane. We didn't notice when we fell asleep, but we woke up in a bright sunny day.

It looked too bright for my liking, so I covered my eyes with my hands, and squinted a bit when I couldn't fall asleep any longer. Louis had had already layed back, and he had bags under his eyes like everyone of us. I was about to cover him with a warm blanket seeing as he is shivering, but he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me back to bed.

"All better." he whispered in my curls, and suddenly my muscles relaxed once again making me fall asleep.. "HEY GUYS!"  ... for a few seconds. I heard Zayn and Liam come in through the door. "WE NARROWED IN ON HIS LOCATION!" They shouted and I remained still as Louis. I heard Louis winced, then he picked me up bridal style within seconds.

"LET US GOOO!" He screeched at the top of his lungs not noticing he was only in his pyjamas. He bursted through the doors, and it closed silently. He came back blushing and indicating to his pyjamas with a glare. "YOU GUYS COULD'VE TOLD ME I WAS ONLY WEARING MY JAMMIES!" he huffed and we shrugged.

We quickly got ready and followed what Zayn and Liam instructed searching through the market. 2 hours later, and we had no luck. We were gasping for air after running for the whole time. We met up at a bakery store that smelt alot like pies, and other pastries you can think of.

We ordered some chiffon pie, cinamon rolls, pizza buns, and some sort of bun that I couldn't recognize. Good thing barely anyone was there, because honestly, I can't deal with fans right now, they might expect something.

While we waited for our food, Zayn thought it might be a good idea to text Niall again, just because. Maybe we'll be lucky enough. "OOoooh YeeaAAAhhh MMMnnnHHH I WAIT ON YOU FOREVER ANY-DAY HAND IN--" a familiar ring tone buzzed in our ears, and our eyes were on the pastry girl.

She looked terrified by us, and we closed in on her. Zayn kept staring at her too see if she'll pick it up. "Excuse me miss..Aren't you going to pick it up?" he asked as he narrowed in his gaze on her. "Er.. Sir, I .. I need my privacy." she responded with a hint of an asian-filipino accent. Zayn ended his call, and called again, and the phone ringed again.

Louis and Liam surrounded the doors within seconds, while me and Zayn went to where she was catering. Zayn grabbed through her pockets not caring if he touches her in the bum, and 'surprisingly' Niall's phone popped out of her pocket.

Me and Zayn glared at the girl. "Where did you take Niall!?!?" we bellowed.

We got her now!


HOLY SHIZ! IT MUST BE THEIR LUCKY DAY!! 1 MORE DAY OF SUMMER SCHOOL WOO! Thank you guys for inspiring me so much with your comments telling me to update. It keeps me up to date.

Next chapter currently being typed.

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