Here we go again?

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Louis POV

(Will start before the kiss.)

"Emily." Harry breathed out from behind me making me flinch from hearing the recognition. El looked at me with concern in her eyes as she stared back into something behind me. I can practically feel tears brimming down my eyes. "Louis let's do this.." she whispered quickly, and before I can protest on what she was about to do, her lips touched mine, and I tasted the familiar and warmth of fresh cherries as I locked lips with her.

I knew nothing of what was around me till my mind practically started functioning, and El was kissing me. She was kissing me. C'mon body, push her away, push her away. Harry is practically metres away push her. Before my hand can practically respond, I set my gaze fixed on the familiar set of emerald eyes staring at me from a distance with faltering eyes.

The twinkle that was there has lost it's shine. It was replaced with a heart-breaking smile. Crap.. he's doing it again. He's masking his emotions. Everyone knows Harry is bad at hiding at emotions but... he can hide it pretty damn well if he's really to the point where he really needed to hide it, and the emotion felt like a blank to him.

"Harry?" I called out as I released myself from El's seductive plump pink lips. "Well it was nice talking to you." he smiled, and waved Emily off with one of the widest.. and the fakest of all his smiles in history. "Yeah Lou?" he asked as he came in infront of us with that fake grin plastered on his face. "I can--" "What are you talking about? It's just a kiss Lou..." he repeated in barely a whisper. "just a kiss.." 

It looked like he was about to cry, and reject it from the resseses of his mind saying it's just a kiss.. was it just a kiss to him? Somehow I don't believe it.

Harry POV

He kissed her... or she kissed him? Which one is which? I felt numb all over until he called out to me. "Harry?" his voice echoed through my mind. "Well it was nice talking to you." I said enthusiastically while I headed off to where Louis was. "Yeah Lou?" I asked him dumbly. "I can--" he tried explaining but I cut him off.

"What are you talking about? It's just a kiss Lou.." I muttered trying to keep the eye-contact we were having. Hopefully my acting is good enough. If not. I'm a totally bad actor who.. even if his life depended on it cannot act. "just a kiss.." I repeated trying to function the information inside my head.  

Louis looked at me in disbelief with anger yet a hint of sadness and love in his eyes. How is that even possible? "Harry" he called out pleadingly chewing on his bottom lip constantly that it would be considered his hobby. I took no response to it, and headed off to where we were supposed to go.

I decided to bunk alone seeing as all the lads were probably going to rant about me doing all this nonesense. I could feel footsteps echoing behind me, and I instantly knew it was Louis. 'HARRY!" he bellowed, but my mind itself couldn't function to stop and have a talk with him.

It's been one bloody long day since we broke up, and I'm already starting to crumble from perspective. Truth be told that I've fallen to hard for him to ever let it go. But my ego is stopping me on my tracks to let him date someone like me who will hurt his heart.

"HARRY! OH BLOODY HELL! STOP!" he roared again getting faster by the minute. Shit, shit.. I need to fasten my pace I thought. Damn legs don't fail me now!! I thought as my calves started hurting, and my pace was slowing down. I took another turn then saw that my room was there, and I quickly swiped my card at a haste, then fumbled at the door trying to close it.

I was about to win, when I got the card in one place, but Louis already placed his hand on the threshold blocking me from closing the door. "Harry open the damn door!" he called out, but I shook my head. I knew he was mad.. but not his mad! "Why should I?" I asked hesitantly. "Isn't El waiting for you or something?" I growled.

Louis' grip eased down on his hold, and I can feel it slip. I heard a big thump, and I saw Louis' body just laying there. Before I can even ask him if he was okay, a smile lit his face. and he quickly tackled me inside, and locked the door. "What are you--" I choked while he had a frown on his face. 

Louis then picked me up bridal style and quickly propped me down in the bed. I thought he was going to do what I thought he was about to do, but he just silently beside me looking down at the ground. "The kiss was nothing." he mumbled while scratching the top of his head, then setting his greyish blue eyes on me. I winced and just stiffened avoiding his gaze.

"Really... it was nothing.." he repeated, but I didn't respond. "She still loves you.. you know?" I asked him already feeling tears form in my eyes. I pushed them back with a bit of a difficulty. He sighed and looked at me again. "I know." he mumbled. "But.." I looked at him curiously.

"I only care if one person still loves me." he smiled while poking my cheeks. A blush formed in my face, and I looked at him seeing such love that I can't bare to stay still. I fidgeted a bit waiting for him to speak again, though.. he had other plans. He eyed me with complete and total interest. His eyes darkened a bit into a cloudy blue while a smirk was playing on his lips.

"I think I finally figured it out.." he whispered while he pulled me in into a hug.. a tight one at that. "Figure what out?" I sniffled feeling the warmth that radiated every time he touches me. I nuzzled my nose into his strong shoulders, while he patted me. A chuckle escaped his throat sending me warm chills down my spine. "Why I'm hesitating." he whispered softly into my ears.

"Eh?" I took my face away from his shoulders to look at him properly. He now had a frown on his face. "Remember when you told me about how you felt hurt when I did those idiotic things?" I snorted. "Don't forget moronic, super twattety twat twat and possibly--" "Okay .. okay I get the point." he sighed once again looking down on the ground. 

"I just...I don't know..I felt it." he paused, and not a word came out of me indicating for him to elaborate, and he looked at me again with a serious look on his face. "When you saw the kiss... Eventhough you knew it was nothing... I can literally feel my heart freeze looking at you with those terrified eyes." I held his face with his hands, but I took them away from his face and stared at him with curiosity.

"It felt like a part of me broke when I saw you faking that smile of yours." Yep I thought, I'm a bad actor. "And no.. your not that bad of an actor... but I somehow knew.. you know?" he shrugged, and I sighed in relief. He read my mind again. Am I that easy to figure out?

"No, your not that easy to figure out... your sorta like a puzzle.. I can't explain it but--" "Stop" I whispered while I kissed him feeling those tingles appear and resurface once more. He pulled me in more and suddenly deepened the kiss. I can hear a growl escape his throat as we indulged each other's lips.

People say that happy endings only happen in fairy tales, but I swear right here, right now... My ... Our happy ending existed. Nothing can ruin the moment until we heard the door softly kick open, and we were quickly surrounded by the paps and thei blinding flash of cameras.

Louis held my hand trying to comfort me. I sighed and looked at them head on. "Yes were going out." I stated, and you couldn't believe how much gasps filled the room. Me and Louis knew that very moment that our little relationship still has some hurdles to go through.


Guys, sorry to say... but  this little story of mine is about to end.. I'll put up and Epilogue.. maybe tomorrow? Please check out my other story also. "Torn" I'd really appreciate it. Thanks guys <3

Love you!!

Cam xoxo

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