"It's 'just' a phase ... right?"

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Harry POV

I woke up in a bright sunny day and apparent blue skies. My bladder felt full, and frankly I needed to wee and there's this squishy, yet warm person right on top of me. "Nghhh... Who is this?" I mumbled patting a familiar figure. Tousled hair, faint sign of cheek bones, slightly fit muscles, long eyelashes and a chiseled jaw line. A faint blush rose to my cheeks  when I recognized who it was, my eyes quickly bulged open. "LOU!" I practically screamed on the top of my lungs. "Sod off Harry, I'm bloody knackered." he managed to mumble, pushing my face away weakly, ending it with a slight tap, a small smile written in his face.

Thoughts of wanting to know why as he had even bothered sleeping beside me popped up in my mind, only to be answered by my hands that clutched tightly against his tee. Did I do that? I thought silently. Did I really crave the touch that I'd be willing to ask something of an inconvenience from my best friend? I got to admit though, I was always the one for cuddles and such; I even sometimes force my bands mates to act as my pillows as some sort of habit (I will never admit to that because enough is never enough.)

But, for some reason, this one particular situation made my heart race. Maybe I'm really that bloody knackered that I'm starting to imagine things. I tried tugging on a chunk of my curls to try to wake up from this.. this dream-like state that I simply could not get rid of. I pulled and I pulled, but it still didn't take away that warm lingering feeling I felt at the moment.. That emotion that continued to pester me not only in my head but my heart as well.

I snapped out of my thoughts as the sheets started rustling and the brunette by my side already shifted away with the warmth already seeping out of my side (is it weird to want him to stay like that for a really long time?) "Hnnng.. Morning Haz." Louis mumbled while rubbing his eyes. Thump.. thump.. thump..thump.. Oh shit, there's that thing again. Stupid heart! Why can't you listen for once and stop being annoying and slow down your pace! Minutes passed and it simply shifted back to normal speed. It wouldn't have been correct if that beating was for my best mate, I like girls, the tiny petite ones (maybe ones who were a bit shorter than me), those pretty twinkiling eyes, someone who's nice and has a bright smile that can brighten up my whole world. I like girls and definetly not men. I mean if my best friend was a woman... then it might be a whole different situation, I would even consider. No. Scratch that.. I would be more than willing to take him on. But liking somebody who's not a girl.. it's a definite no.. I think.. I DON'T KNOW AGHHHHH!!!

Maybe it's just a phase. Maybe it will subside afterwards. I need to get this thing out of my head. "HARREH! HARREH!" He screamed swiping his hand left to right on my face trying to get my attention. "Oh, Sorry." I mumbled. "Sorry?" He looked confused by my sudden apology. "What are you sorry for? It seems like you were really deep in thought... I mean I said good morning... but you didn't even respond, as if you were in your own  little world. Need to talk about something? Probably with a side of some tea and cold cereal?" he offered. I just shook my head knowing how awkward it would've been to sit right by him and still think of those ungodly thoughts--I simply couldn't let him know.. He can never. I mean never find out about this. Unless he feels the same away then... I suddenly find myself trailing off.

Wait, he was still talking to me I tell myself. "Oi, if you need to talk, just call my name alright?" he winked then swung both his legs to the side of the bed, stretching his legs up in the air and stripped off of his boxers. "Ah yeah.." I nodded, still trying to remember the other things he had told me without having to drift back to this bubbling on the pit of my stomach which felt awfully like a swarm of butterflies, anxious to fly out my mouth. So in my best decision, I chose to be rid of these thoughts in my time in the washroom (with a side of vanilla-scented candles of course.)

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