We need to talk - Part 2

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OKAY! Just a little note guys. I just had to post a cliff hanger to build up tension. Ah, I'm so mean :) 

Now I'll start with the recap :

He patted the spot next to him telling me to sit beside him. I nodded then did what I was told. We were now facing each other staring at the other's eyes. He stared at my blue-grey eye ones, and I stared at his green emerald ones. "So, what did you want to talk about?" he asked not leaving eye-contact.

I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck. "Well, I need you to answer my questions truthfully Haz." I confirmed. He only nodded and waited for my question. "Well, here it goes---


Harry POV

Louis looked really tense and nervous as he constantly chewed on his bottom lip. When he noticed my staring, he finally looked up and put his hand on my knee. I gain goose bumps through his touch what was it that he wanted to talk about. Hopefully it's what I think it is.

"Well, here it goes... what are we?" I looked at him, confused. "Uh, Lou were human beings." I joked. But he didn't seem to find it funny whatsoever. I rubbed the back of my neck with a sigh. "What do you think we are, Lou?" I asked wondering what his response was. He only shrugged and looked at his hand on my knee.

"Well, I'm not that sure yet." he looked at me sympathetically. "But I.. I just want to try something." He seemed to tense up even more chewing like a mad man on his bottom lip, and is gripping on my right-knee. He bore his eyes on me as he leaned in in my breathing space.

Finally! I cheered in my head but remain serious. As he got closer and closer he closed his eyes and so did I. Our lips touched and I let myself go. The hunger that I was craving for him suddenly ignited something inside me. I pushed the back of his neck into me more to deepen the kiss.

I licked his bottom lip for entrance, and he gladly allowed me. We were out of breath within minutes. He gasped for air as his face was red as crimson. He looked at me then twiddled with his fingers. "S-so..I guess we both got our answers." I smiled at the lad.

"Y-Yeah." he agreed breathlessly, then shuffled to his feet. "I-I need to talk to El." he stated then practically ran out the door. My heart was beating so fast it's not even funny. Why did he have to be so... so bloody gorgeous!! I sighed as I just leaned back on my bed. "I .. I guess were a thing now." I whispered breathlessly as I stared at the ceiling. I couldn't help but smirk to myself as I waited for Louis to come back.

Louis POV

"We need to talk xx~Lou" I texted El, who couldn't travel with us because she was already on her last year of college. My phone vibrated and she said "I'll Skype you.~lotsa love El xox"  So then I quickly called her through skype as I sat quietly to myself in my room. It took a few beeps till she finally answered.

I eyed her with concern. "El--""So were breaking up?" she smiled sadly at me. I was dumbfounded, and could not say a word. "Well.." she added "It would've happened sooner or later, right?" I nodded. "El.. you know I--""Save it Lou." she whispered to the screen as tears started brimming down her face.

"But.. I don't want to ruin our relationship. I still want to call you.. but not as..""as lovers?" she continued for me. I smiled sadly at her. "As... ehmm.. friends..?" El just stared at the camera looking at me for conformation. "Well.." she paused. "It was better than finding out if you cheated." she laughed half-heartedly. Daddy Directioner's words of wisdom then suddenly popped into my mind and I couldn't help but laugh hysterically.

"What?" she giggled eyeing me with curiousity. "Funny thing.." I muttered within laughs. "Liam just said exactly what he thought you were about to say." she then laughed again naturally like she usually does. "So.." I muttered awkwardly. "So.." she mimicked as she stared with her big brown eyes at the camera.

"I-I guess I'll see you when I see you." I chuckled. "Yeah." she smiled. "I love you boo." she stated while closing her camera. That's it, it's all over. I broke up with the girl I was in love with, and fell head-over-heels for my best mate.

For some reason the information my brain could not process fast enough. "I'm going out with Harry now." I stated as my feet just miraculously took me to his room. He just stayed on the same spot but he is smiling cheekily to himself as he stared at the ceiling. Tip-toeing, I took the spot next to him and looked at the same spot. "What'cha looking at mate?" I suddenly asked.

He then re-positioned himself to face his whole body at me. "So, where going out huh?" he asked trying to confirm what just happened like 20 minutes ago. "Yeah." I replied facing him also. "So what do we do now?" I asked as the lad then started running his delicate fingers up and down my arm. I shivered by the very contact.

"Hmm.." he pretended to think as he pecked me on the lips. "We can do anything.. like.." he eyed his hand which was now starting to go inside my shirt. I quickly took it away with a wink as I got up the bed. "In your dreams Curly." I muttered to him as I ran down the flat.

I was already damn aware he was trailing after me, so I quickly knocked hard on Niall and Zayn's flat screaming. "HELP! HELP! HAZZA IS TRYING TO CATCH ME!" The door opened within seconds. "What's with the ruckus Lou?" Zayn asked as he rubbed his eyes. "Can't you see Harry is trying to catch--" "There you go Harry." Zayn muttered as Harry wrapped his strong arms around my shoulders as he hugged my back.

"Thanks Zayn, you're a great friend." he chuckled as started carrying me bridal style back to our flat. Before we left, I think I heard an "Anytime bud." from him. I groaned as I have none to back me up. "No worries Lou, I was just joking.. well.. not really." Harry muttered as he put me down. I only chuckled and poked his dimples.

"Again Curly, in you dreams!" I smirked as we walked along side each other. Eveything is just perfect I thought. Nothing can ruin this day. Nothing at all. My phone then suddenly buzzed and I slid it open. "Yes?" I asked. "Lou, Lottie, she's.. she's.. Oh God Lou, just come here!" Mum hanged up and my face paled. I paused letting Harry go ahead. He also paused rushing over to my side mimicking the frown on my face.

"What's wrong Lou?" he asked pleadingly. I stared at his emeral eyes and whispered. "Lottie.. something happened to Lottie." Harry's face looked like he was about to cry. He then pulled me into a hug then whispered in my ear. "Do you want me to come with you?" he asked, and I nodded as tears started running down my face. '"Harry, lets go back to Doncaster." I smiled at the lad as we started packing.

After we finished packing, the rest of the lads looked shocked with our luggage. "Where are you guys going?" they asked as their eyes looked at us pleadingly. "Were going back to Doncaster. Lottie .. something happened to her." I frowned at the lads. "Alright, we'll come with you!" Niall offered but Liam shook his head. "All of us can't go. We'll inform Management about your absence." Liam cooed as he stared at Niall, then me, then Harry. "Goodluck guys!" they all cheered then waved us goodbye as we went into a taxi.

"The Airport please." I instructed the driver, as I held Harry's hand. "It's going to be okay Lou, it's going to be okay." he stroked circles on my hand to calm me down. I sighed and stared deep into his eyes. I kissed him with more feeling then muttered. "I love you."



Hopefully you guys aren't mad at me anymore for doing a cliffhanger. Poor Lou. Hopefully Lottie is okay D':

Btw, just posted the alternated from One Direction - The Year in The Making Deleted Scene with the alternated  version of taken.

Love you guys!

~Cam xoxo

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