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"AGHHHH!" I muffled a scream. "LEGGGO OF THE CARROT MAN!!" The person clamped his hand on my mouth. Is everything just going to end like this?!?!? "Shut up Louis!" a familiar voice called out. "Maull??" I asked as his hand was still in place. He nodded. "Awww... Maul... ish soo goud to shee you!" I mumbled. I 'was' going to praise him a little more, but we were thrown inside the van before I can. "Ow." Harry hissed as his head landed on my leg.

"Are you lads okay?" Liam asked sounding concerned. "Uh yeah." I responded. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU KIDNAP US LIKE THAT?!!?" I practically screamed on the top of my lungs. "Ease down mate." he muttered as he pats my back. "I texted you." My eyes bulged open and Iooked at my blackberry. "Couldn't find him anywhere. Were coming to get ya ! :)" was left as a text message written in bolding.

"Oh." I chuckled silly me. "I WAS TOO BUSY GETTING CHASE DOWN BY FANS TO NOTICE A TEXT!" I half screamed. The boys laughed in enthusiasm. Liam just pouted and looked out the window. "So.." Niall mumbled not feeling the awkward atmosphere at all. We weren't surprised at the very least if you ask me. "Lou, did you and H----" Liam covered the irish boy's mouth before he even finished the sentence. But, both me and Harry on the other hand knew what he was about to say, and we both blushed by that fact.

I was too busy actually getting pissed with the boys that I, Louis Tomlinson kissed/ snogged by best friend. The cheeky bastard named Harry Styles. "So, is anyone up for a good movie?" Zayn asked as we both looked away from each other. We all nodded in agreement, and I quickly phoned Pizza Pizza, for 3 Extra Large Pizza. Niall then added 4 packages of the chicken wings, and Harry, well he chose to make a quick stop at the convenience store without saying a word.

He came back within minutes running for his life while a 'large' balding man with a grey dirty shirt, tattered cargos, and sandals were practically running after him, and I chose to pull a prank on him, and told Paul to go forward a few metres. Harry was practically screaming on the top of his lungs. "PPPPPAAAAAAAUUUUUULLLLL STOP THE BLOODY CAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Paul snickered then stopped just as Harry caught up with us.

The man practically gave up as soon as Harry got in the van. The curly headed boy was huffing, and his chest heaved in and out at a rapid pace. "I....thought... I .. was going to die!" he mumbled between breaths. My thighs was practically hurting by how much I was laughing at him. "H-H-Harry.... that ... was... hi..larious!" I stated, and he glared at me.

"It wasn't funny Lou." he huffed while crossing his arms like a little kid. But I for one was trying to hold back my laugh until a snicker escaped my lips, and the whole van hollered and high-fived me for my awesome achievement. "Thank you, thank you." I faked bow as Paul parked on the parking zone. I then grabbed Harry by the neck, and pulled him closer to me. "If it wasn't for this boy.." I continued. "I wouldn't be here today." Everyone clapped, and Liam fake swiped a tear from his eye, while Zayn rolled his eyes while playing a small smirk on his face.

Niall on the other hand was just laughing the whole time. I swear that boy laughs at everything, I mean EVERYTHING!  Thump, thumpthumpthumpthump Something caught my attention, and I looked at Harry who was staring at his shoes with blush playing along his ears. I then suddenly noticed that I was still holding onto him with his back still very much in contact with my chest.

I swear I could hear every heart beat he felt. I blushed also, but I chose to shrug it off, and I playfully flinged him at Niall who is now staring at us with curiousity in his eyes. "OW! Get him off.. get him off..." he squealed. at Liam who was practically ignoring him with a smile quiverring on his lips which, was just him probably holding back his laughter. Or atleast trying to.

Now, it practically occured to me that everyone in this van knew about my feelings for him, feeling pretty self-conscious now, I quickly hopped off the van not even caring that they were practically screaming my name. "Pizza might come soon!" I half-shouted. Well, technically pizza was about to arrive considering I called in ten minutes before we got back.

I then quickly got my keys out as I got in the flat. It opened within seconds. A tap then suddenly stopped me fom my tracks, and the pizza guy was there. I smiled friendily at him, and payed for the meal as I prepared I quickly strated preparing before they got up.

The door flew open within seconds. I didn't even turn around as I saw Niall practically spotting me on my own flat. "THERE YOU ARE!" he pointed. "Guys he's just at his flat." he confirmed. They all glared at me giving me a 'why did you do that for?' look. I should know, I practically see that everyday.

I just shugged then popped open the Wanted. This will get the accusing glances out of the room. They didn't even ask me anything since they were practically drooling from the food, and the kick-ass movie. Yep, its offical. I'm a GENIUS! 

When all of them were practically a metre away from the screen, I felt a warm touch by my shoulder and I practically almost screamed, but his hand covered my mouth shut. None of the lads seem to notice my muffled screams. "Shhh Lou, it's just me." Harry whispered in my ears. I felt shivers on my skin as he sat down beside me.

"So what's wrong Lou?" he asked curiously as he snuggled in closer taking away the space between us. "N-nothing. Just wanted to get home the earliest." I lied. Harry looked at me dissapprovingly. "Alright." he mumbled then added. "If you need me just call, alright?" he smiled his cheeky smile. Even in the dark I can still see it. The lads have quieted down but did not look at us.

They were probably listening in. I didn't give them the satisfaction, so I just threw an arm over his shoulder as we watched. Honestly he looked too cute that I wanna pounce on him like a cougar he said he hated. I want to... but why am I hesitating?!?

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