Surprises? Oh someone kill me now!

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Louis POV

I woke up with a bucket full of sunshine and everything was happy around carrot land. Oh what's the point. I woke up feeling like a piss of shit seeing that I can smell rain from the opened window in my room. I felt someone groan, and rolled over.

A sudden realization hit me. I'm not in my room, I clearly remember in detail that I went on Harry's room willingly yesterday. I tried to slap myself silly, and tried to wake myself up from this total bliss of a dream, but his arms is around my waist hugging me tightly and his legs were wrapped really well on mine. Crap, he's had me trapped nice and good.

I needed to take a wiz, and he's stopping me from it. "Oi Harry." I called out while poking him with my fingers on his thigh. He won't budge. "Harry?" I asked a little louder now. Now this is why it's bad to be a heavy sleeper, you have to struggle if they had you trap to them in anyway.

I kept poking his tight making him giggle, then roll off. I quickly tip-toed to the washroom only to hear him call. "Lou?" he called out rubbing his eyes adorably like a cute little kitten. Don't turn around Lou, Don't turn around. I ordered myself, and yet I whirled myself in his direction looking at him with the brightest smile I can do for now.

"Yeah Haz?" I asked innocently and he got up from his bed and sat down on his beside. "Cancel all your plans." he said bluntly, and I gasped. What could this Curly headed boy be planning? "What?" I asked pretending not to hear him. "You heard me." he winked cheekily. "Cancel.all.your plans." "But Harry I--" "If you dare make an excuse on why you can't go, I don't wanna hear it." I shuddered on how he could've possibly read my mind.

"But how did you--" "I am yoda's psychiatrist, I know all." he chuckled and I rolled my eyes. "When are we going?" I asked curiously, and he looked at his wrist looking like he's staring at a watch. "You have till 3." And off he went grabbing a towel and heading to the shower. 

My heart thumped in excitement as I headed off in my own room checking the actual time. It was 45 minutes till 3 and I had to get ready. Darn that boy! I quickly sped to the bathroom and screamed twat after opening then closing the door. Harry muttered a 'good morning to you too' then continued with his getting ready.

I took a bath for about 20 minutes and I saw that I had 25 minutes to get ready. I swore to myself saying that he's stupid for only giving me 45 minutes to get ready.. I mean who does that? I usually have ... an hour showers, and he cut it in more than half. I would've freaked out on how dirty I felt, but I had to get ready.

I couldn't decide on what to wear.. I know we'll be the only ones going, but it just makes me even more self-conscious about what I wear. I swear all I could find was stripes considering all the other good ones were out for a wash.

An idea then popped to mind, and I peeped outside the door if anybody was there, and to my surprise, none was, and I came out wearing a towel around my waist, and another towel wrapped on my head to let it dry faster.

I frantically knocked on their door when I heard footsteps. Niall opened it as he yawned and indicated for me to go in. "I thought Harry was the only nudist here?" Niall asked as he took another yawn as he chuckled by my attire.

"Oh you know you love it." I stated cheekily, and he rolled his eyes. as I suddenly remembered what was my purpose of coming in here. "So what can I help you with, lad?' he asked curiously as I felt that he was still half-asleep seeing as he was 'swaying-back-&-forth' and I quote from the interview we had.

"I need something to wear." I said bluntly while he nodded and headed off to his room. "Lou, did you forget something?" Liam asked groggily as he walked over to my side. "Don't blame me, apparently I have 15 minutes .. or less.. to get ready for a date Harry told me yesterday and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!" I bellowed and noticed that he widened his eyes.

"Inside voice Lou." he mumbled as he went back to his room. Ah, leave it to Daddy Direction to make house.. flat rules around here. "Here." Niall stated as he gave me a teal t-shirt. It seemed familiar, but I didn't care. I quickly ran like a mad-man inside my room and got changed into my brown khaki cargoes, put on Niall's shirt, and my pair of teal toms to match my shirt.

I didn't get to check what I looked like when a knock came on my door. Crap. I didn't want to keep him waiting, so I swung open the door without hesitation only to see Harry wearing a nice plaid polo, black sknnies, and his red converse. He looked stunning. I can smell his nice minty scent even if we were centimetres apart.

A smirk came on his lips when he looked at my chest area. "Nice shirt." he mumbled cheekily and I eyed what he was talking about. In the middle, was written "Free Hugs" on it. I blushed and turned and headed for my luggage I never bothered to unpack.

Harry grabbed me again gently now, and lead me to his Audi r8, and held the passenger open once more like the gentleman he is. He is too perfect, I swear! He then turned many corners looking from left to right. "Are you sure we aren't lost?"  I asked again for the bagillionth time, and Harry made no attempt of even responding to my nosense.

After like an hour, we finally arrived to a classy italian resturant. My eyes couldn't place how gorgreous it looked. Harry then was welcomed by a blonde waitress, and he whispered something to her ear, then she ushered us to our private quarters for what I think was brunch.

Harry then offered a chair for me to sit on, and ordered for the both of us. I felt grateful when he did that... I was happy that we didn't have to feel overwhelmed by all this. The order arrived within minutes and gave us a heaping serving of white carbonara.

It looked mighty tasty, so I took a quick poke with a fork then Harry sniggered. "Just eat it Lou." he offered me a bite, and I chomped on his fork. My mouth instantly started watering and I took a bite every second. I moaned at each one, and Harry turned away, I wonder what's his problem.

Harry POV

DAMN IT! DAMN IT! He chose to be sexy at a place like this? I was seriously trying to hold back that I had to grip on my seat. Louis asked for my serving and I gave it to him. He kept moaning that I can seriously feel that.. /area/ hardening.

After we ate, he asked what I was thinking about, and I said something cheeky like "How did you know, were you looking at me the whole time?" of course he blushed by that, and we were off to another location. I borrowed a few DVD's at home that we can potentially watch. As we left those doors, lots of clicks echoed through the air.

Crap, I didn't expect that paps to be here.Lou looked at me while biting his lip. They were asking why we were there, and asked if Larry Stylinson existed. We said no casually saying that we were just having brunch, and Louis added that there's some great carbonara there.

Then another question popped in that I simply couldn't answer. "What made you come here?"  Louis cooed and said that many fans recommended this resturant before we even arrived, so we decided that we'd try it.

He kept a cool-looking face on the whole time. Maybe he needed to act properly to keep up the relationship we were trying to hide. Paul lead us as Louis called him before we left, and he drove the Audi. As soon as we lost them, I pecked Louis on the lips. "That was a great job, boo." I stated, and he blushed.

We arrived at the flats within 9 pm. Just in time. Liam was in the front of his own room crying his eyes out. We came into his comfort within seconds. When he saw us, he cried on Louis chest, and Louis looked at me apologetically.  Liam kept sobbing, and I soothed his back to help Louis.

"What happened?" me and Louis asked and Liam looked up and rubbed his eyes covered in tears. "It's Niall.." "What about Niall?" I asked, and Liam looked at me with a sad frown with tears still dripping down. "Niall.. he's missing."


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