Through rough patches, will we stay together.. right?

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Louis POV

"Now that you can have me, you suddenly want me..."  Liam finally sang the last verse, and we all sighed in relief. It was pretty bloody warm in Texas. It felt like 90 degrees in there. It's nerve wracking. The only reason we actually do these sacrifices is for the fans. They give us the happiness we were able to receive before we came famous, and we thank them for that. Not only for their bright smiles, and artistic posters, but for the love and support they showered us with... other than the sweat we excrete like any other human.. carrot-man does. It's our job to please them in anyway we can. And by golly, we love our job.

"Whew." Niall fanned himself as he was practically boiling in his long-sleeve. "You alright mate?" I asked him while we took our break for 5 minutes. "Yeah lad." he responded. "Just totally sweatin, nothing much." he grinned widely at me.

I only released a strained chuckle careful not to be too-too hyper about it. "Here's your water." A lady from management came with a boat-load of water bottles. I saw Harry eye the woman with a smirk playing on his lips. Did he find her attractive? I mean, we're going out aren't we? My trust for him held me back from smacking his head and telling him to stop eye-balling her.

But being the eldest of the group (though I practically hate being the oldest.) I must act brave and not let such little things bother me. For all I know he might just fancy her... or a little less.. nothing much. I shooed her away politely saying that it's too hot on stage seeing as she was wearing slick back stilettos with a womany-workforce outfit. A long grey skirt that goes up to her knees, a bussinessy-classy blazer that's on the same colour. 

She had fair long-legs with a tint of tan, and, lastly, she had her long brunette hair with light blonde highlights hang by shoulders. She nodded and winked at Harry. My blood is starting to simmer by the very sight seeing as Harry caught it, and chuckled. How can you flirt infront of your boyfriend? I mean literally. I was about to confront him. "Harry--" "Guys we need you back on stage!" the stage manager informed us, and Harry took a deep sigh and ran out infront of our adoring fans.

We performed 'moments' and saw that everyone on the stage opened there i-phone flashlight app. It looked absolutely stunning. From our view, it looked like stars in a way, which suited the mood in a way. I was glad that Harry convinced them to do so. I'm proud of him. And with that, we ended our show with a bang.

We answered a few twitter questions, and we were off into our flats practically swimming on our own sweat. "I need a shower." I stated as they all eyed me like an open book. "No shit Sherlock." Zayn mumbled and I winked at him knowing that he is, infact just joking at the very thing. "Oh you know you love it!" I wiggled my eyebrows at him with a smirk. "HA! Unless you can't see Lou, we all need a shower." he stated while all the boys were laughing along with him. "A really long one." Harry added while he chuckled to himself and we all groaned by his pervertedness.

I feigned a sigh and pouted at them. I completely forgot about what happened on the stage as the cold water massaged my body like it's draining the pent-up anger I was about to release. "We might not see her again." I said to myself as I scrubbed my hair thoroughly remembering my mum's instructions on them. I guess her cleanliness robbed-off on me... by just a little. I was done when I noticed that my skin was rather.. like a leather jacket? 

I winced when I accidentally let some hot water on my arm. It was healing, but what can you do? I did it to myself, and I had no accomplice to pin it down on. Harry after the accident was looking like a small puppy every-time he looked at my cast. I figured that they both showered me with presents 2 days ago was probably because they did something to hurt me making me an unhappy carrot. And, everybody knows that If I'm unhappy, it throws off the balance in our nature making us all be in a bad mood, choosing something small such as spilled milk to rant about it. It's quite hilarious actually. I wouldn't go into details, seeing as they'd probably be mad at me if I did, which was fine with me. I appreciate privacy once in a while as much as the next guy. We all do.

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