Take my hand and let's walk together

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Harry POV

Louis just froze from the sentence. "You mean.. you didn't.." he whispered pleadingly. "you didn't lose them?" he asked again for clarification. I nodded waiting silently for the rejection, I mean after all, It's all my fault. Neither of us said anything while thinking of so many things. Louis then all of a sudden shook his head while his eyes did not meet mine.

I sighed in resignation, and I got up from my spot planning to shun away from. I didn't wan't him to hate me. I never wanted this. Even I'd hate myself for doing this to Louis. Before I can even move an inch, he shakily grabbed my wrist the last second, and engulfed me to a lingering hug.

"Why?" he whispered on my ear while we absorbed each other's warmth and presence. "Why did you do it?" he asked again, and I shrugged. "I didn't want you to hate me." I muttered bluntly, and Louis looked at me with wide eyes as if he he was really shocked by my comment.

"What?" I asked hesitantly I kept my gaze on him. "How could I hate you Haz?" he asked now frowning. I swallowed and looked away. "I did a bad thing Lou. I deserve to be hated." I confessed while he suddenly started stroking my cheek. "I wanted for us to have a fresh start Lou. I never planned for anything to happen. I just.. I just .. you'll think it's stupid, but I wanted it to feel like back then... where we can laugh freely without feeling all awkward."  Tears started forming on my eyes.

Louis sighed and grabbed my face, to look at him. "Idiot." he muttered while his lips once again found mine. It's like cocaine to be honest. He claims that I was really good at it, but he doesn't notice his own talent. The moment you lock lips with that boy, you'll officially be doomed with the addiction on craving it day by day.

I felt light-headed afterwards with my heart beating at it's maximum speed capacity. Louis then stood up taking me with him, and again we molded together as our bodies clamp together into another hug. I then inhaled his hollister-filled scent and nuzzle my nose to the crook of his neck, and he did the same.

A chuckle escaped my lips, and Louis looked at me with confused eyes, and an amused smirk. " What are you laughing for Curly?" he asked. "Well.." I bit my lip trying to hold back the laughter. "It just seemed surprising you know... Niall sorta made our relationship worst, yet it's stronger than it is now... you know?" he nodded. "I knew there was an evil-leprechaun under that boy." he stated while he laughed adorably.

"Well, honestly.. it's safe to say that I have fallen more into you, that I am willing to risk anything just to make you happy." Louis blushed and played with my thumbs. "It's funny that we just both realized that 'just' now." he chuckled, and I joined him.

"Oooh.. they're finally back together." Zayn stated as he entered the room. "You gotta remember to close your door by the way." Liam added and slipped in also. I thought Niall wasn't going to attend, considering he was pretty much upset earlier with Louis, but his fake blonde hair stood out from the rest of the boys, and he quickly tackled both of us at the same time.

He was about to win, but Lou's got him on a head-lock which I assumed was a light one, and I had him by the legs. He tried wriggling out of our grasps, and we didn't let him. "You've been a good leprechaun Niall." he said encouragingly, and Niall suddenly started tearing up.

"I'M SORRY!!!! SO SORRRRRYYYY!" he whined as he hugged both of us at the same time. I patted his head with my free hand, and Lou smiled at him, and stroked circles on his back. "Thank you Niall." he mumbled silently to the lad and Niall looked confused by the very situation.

"Huh? I ruined your relationship. I shouldn't be thanked." he pouted while releasing both of us. Louis rolled his eyes and asked. "Since when were you the serious type Ni?" and all the boys laughed while me and Louis looked confused by their sudden outburst.

"Funny story... Zayn just asked him the same thing a day ago." Liam chuckled even more. Ugh, I hated insider jokes. It's no fun when I didn't know what they meant. "So I guess it's time to celebrate now... huh?" I asked them with a wide grin, and they all looked at each other.

"Lot's of food!!" Niall requested. "Suitable movies above pg-13?" Zayn requested while Liam slapped him on the back of the head. "It's not a bachelor party in case you haven't noticed mate." he winked then he joined Niall, as they both headed off to wherever they planned to go to. "Drive safe Daddy!" Me, Louis and Zayn said in unison, and I can feel Liam rolling his eyes. 

"Only Restricted movies." he instructed, and off to the mall they go. Zayn started typing something on his phone, and off he goes as he headed for a rental store for some DVD's to watch. Hopefully Perrie doesn't find out that her boyfriend is such a pig when it comes to rated R movies.

Me and Louis decided to skip on the party for tonight because frankly, I'd trade it all for just some alone time with him. "Let's go." he offered his hand as he lead me to his room. Hopefully were not doing 'that' seeing as my heart is not ready just yet... but I gotta admit... a part of me was sorta hoping.

"So what did you and Niall talk about?" I asked him, and his smile faltered for a bit. "I was asking him what was his deal." he confessed looking away while he is beet red from saying such things. Shit, Keep breathing Harry, keep breathing. Keep those perverted thoughts out of your head.

 He then looked at me adorably and hissed at myself. I felt something snap. There goes my control. We kissed again with more passion. I was about to reach from the inside of his shirt, but he quickly pulled it away. "Don't you dare Styles, don't you dare." he threatened while eyeing me with lust clearly written on his eyes.

I pecked him once more to receive the taste of cotton candy, and raspberry muffins. "You taste sweet Boo." I tasted while licking my thumb.He blushed and said "Speak for yourself Curly." he teased while we released each other only holding onto each other's waists.

"Uh Harry were all out of--- OH SHIT!" Niall bursted through the doors then left in an instant. "Let's go catch out leprechaun!" I cheered as I started running down the stairs.  "And get our gold at the end of the rainbow!" Louis added and we both started frantically running like drunken Irish men.

------------------------------------------------3 MOVIES LATER----------------------------------------------------------

My phone buzzed as we finished Friday the 13th and the killer Jason killed this girl skinny dipping under the wooden port. It was pretty disgusting yet pretty much a turn-on. I won't say anything since it's pretty clear that I don't want to hurt Louis ever again.

It was titled as "Meeting at 10" from Management. My eyes bulged open and the boy came over to my side at once. Inside the file was a picture that me and Louis clearly didn't expect. "Who could have taken this?" I asked as I kept looking at the image. "Were screwed." Niall stated and none stopped him when he was swearing to himself. 

Louis and I stared at each other horrified. What do we do?


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