A new start?

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Harry POV

"So... it's.." I took a big gulp "it's over.." I muttered again trying to make my mind function. "Yeah...." Louis replied in barely a whisper. I sighed and slouched back on the couch feeling numb all-over. "Let's... let's just see how it goes alright...?"  I asked him, and he nodded while seating himself beside me with his knees tucked in near his stomach.

"So how's this supposed to work out... actually?" I shrugged. "I guess we just act like normal...though.. there has to be less touching.." Louis stiffened and I felt his pain. This has to work out... We can't just be fighting all the time.. we need to learn to trust each other with everything.. and for that to happen we need some time... to think and make decisions without being tied down.

My stomach grumbled and I got up from my seat. Louis didn't move at all and just stayed as he was looking at a random spot in the wall. "Lou?" I called out and I felt him go back to the world once again. "Yeah?" he asked silently. "You hungry?" I smiled at him then offered my hand. He looked at it for a few seconds then took it hesitantly.

I felt him flinch, and the warmth was still there. He released it as soon as he got up and placed his hand on the back of his neck as he headed off to the kitchen. I followed him leaving a few metres away from one another. "So what's for breakfast lad?" he tried changing the subject and I shrugged. "We'll be lucky if it's still there.." I chuckled full of straint echoing down my own throat.

I notioned him to the cupboard that I left his food at, then quietly propped myself down in one of the wooden stools. Looking at him gasp and making eye-contact with me. "How did you--" "I made it before.." the silence filled the room again. I sighed and looked over the fridge and saw nothing edible inside. I groaned and just sat down again resting in my own arms while closing my eyes.

"Hey lads were---" Liam, Zayn, and Niall came in one by one feeling the most awkward silence between me and Louis. I looked at them. and they gasped almost instantaneously. They huddled silently each looking at me and Louis murmuring things that was too low for me to hear. Louis can see it also, and he just threw a shrug at my direction.

After they finished whispering to each other, the three lads took me by both arms and whisked me away saying something about needing me for something. Lou only shrugged and continued biting on his own sandwich. 

"DID YOU GUYS BREAK-UP!?!?' Niall asked the big question, and I nodded feeling lonely already. "Oh god.. Harry.. we shouldn't have.." Liam face/palmed himself, while Zayn gave my shoulder a squeeze."It's for the best... plus.. it's just a break.. you know?" I tried to smile but failed terribly at it.

"But what if he falls in love all over? What if--" "It's not my decision...I don't own him. If he falls in love with another person.. then..." I looked down at the ground feeling hurt by my own words. "Then I have no right to judge... we broke up already.." I repeated.. "we broke up.." I can feel the tears forming, but I held it in. I needed to.

Louis POV

Damn, I can feel all the love that went inside this sandwich. It feels peculiar. My heart still can't accept the break-up..at all. The lads took away Harry with such haste that I had no time to protest. If they can read my thoughts right now, they should know how hurt I feel when they exclude me out of these little meetings, so I decided to take a sneak peak.

"But what if he falls in love all over? What if--" "It's not my decision..I don't own him. If he falls in love with another person.. then..." Harry looked at the ground angrily having a glare stare down at the floor holding something back. He looked up to make eye contact with me and smiled sadly.

The other lads followed what he was looking at, and I left before they can even see what Harry was indicating to. I ran almost hopping over to my room hearing from behind me some footsteps. Crap, don't tell me that they're going to rip my head off for peeping!! "Lou!" they called out from outside. I pretended to be asleep while they bursted in through the door.

"LOUIS WAKE UP!!" Niall jumped up and down the bed. "LOUIS!!" Liam joined in. "Slap him already!!" Zayn ordered the boys, and I flinched and back away from the crazy boys. "I knew it.." Zayn stated proudly. "He was awake." "What are you--" "LOU! Your ex over here doesn't care if you fall in-love with another person!!" Liam screamed, and I eyed Harry.

He didn't even look at me. It just looked like he was uncomfortable talking about the subject. "Harry--"  "Well it's true!!" he interrupted now looking at me with sad eyes. I sighed and scratched the back of my neck awkwardly. "And I sorta feel the same... love is love Li... even you know that... If it happens, then it happens there's nothing preventing it. So if he was to.." I took a sudden pause feeling Harry's gaze on me.

"If he was to fall in-love with another... then.. I.. I'm fine with that..." I couldn't keep my voice from shaking. "Louis.." Harry called out to me, then my eyes started tearing up. "Harry.. " I called back. "You're my best friend... I can't ruin your love life... you have rights to it just as much I have rights in my own life." I felt fragile at the moment but I didn't care, we needed to work this out, were going to take it like men.

Harry POV

I could hear the hurt his voice when he said those words. He wanted to support me as I him. That's what we are for now.. just.. just best friends... like the usual.. We broke up less than half an hour ago and I couldn't take it back anymore. It was a mistake... Maybe I shouldn't have listened to Niall and the others.. I wanted to hold him but I can't.

I let him lean on my shoulders as I soothed his back. I can feel his every heart beat and how much he's trembling right now. I carefully caressed his hair, and did nothing else. He wasn't mine anymore, and I can't do anything other than comfort him as a best friend.

"It'll be alright Lou, we'll go through this together." I whispered in his ear, and I felt him slump a little into me. I can feel almost his weight pushing me down, but I just smiled at the lad. "We'll survive." I smile at him as he relaxed and stood himself up.

"Only till I figure out why I'm holding back." he smiled back. "Only till you figure it out." I repeated. The lads said nothing as they watched us with anticipating yet annoyed eyes. I leaned my forehead to his as I chuckled staring longingly at him with loving eyes. 

"Okay Harry.. Eye raping over." Zayn chuckled and I rolled my eyes as we both got up from our loving stares and got up to get our luggage. "Let's go guys, the vans up and running." Paul called outside as if on cue. We laughed knowing that at the same time.

"Let's go guys!!" Louis wiped a tear away and grabbed the pre-packed luggage that he didn't thank me for, but I didn't care.... Each one of us filed in an hour after waiting so long for Zayn to get all his 'supplies' packed up and ready to head in the van.

"Finally!" I groaned while crossing my arms. "Chill mate, We'll be there and no time." Liam assure me, and I sighed in protest. In the middle of the ride, there was the sound of gas passing, and we covered our nose while glaring at Niall who was now laughing his leprechaun ass off.

"Not funny." the rest of us boys exclaimed in unison. I took this chance to do one myself, and we blamed Niall again. "WASN'T ME THIS TIME!" He half-shouted looking angrily. "Wasn't me." Zayn, Me, Louis, and Liam said. The boys did not protest anymore choking in the air. I tried to hold in a laugh while they fumbled at the button to open the window. "CAN'T BREATHE!!" Niall stated and I rolled my eyes.

After like the air passed, I sighed and said. "Alright it was me." I chuckled and they all hit me in the arm and the back of the head each. I was bruising and I can feel it. They each laughed at my pain and I huffed. "Good o'le Harry !!" they said one by one a word, and I rolled my eyes. I feel that things went back to normal. But I can't deny the fact that I broke up with the only one I've ever loved.


Awwww.. Hazzah.. More drama coming your way guys :)

~Cam xoxox

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