Chapter V

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Music's banging so loud that it can also be heard outside. Jennie already arrived at the club wearing a black leather jacket, gucci shirt matching it with black pants and dr. martens boots.

"I'm so glad you came, Jennie!" Lisa said and approached her.

"Got nothing to do today and I'm taking a day off from reviewing." She said as they went inside.

You can already see people in their drunk state and some are partying like there's no forever.

"No need to worry. We reserved vip room for us." Lisa said and entered the room.

"Jennie, here are some familiar faces in the university way back. Yeri, Joy and of course, Park Chaeyoung." Lisa introduced.

"Hi, guys. I still remember you. No worries." Jennie chuckled.

They ordered many drinks and they start sulking from the alcohol. All eyes on the door when someone came up.

"Ops... Sorry I'm late." The girl said showing off her bunny smile.

"Finally, you came Nayeon unnie." Lisa said and welcomed her. Nayeon took a sit beside Jennie.

"Hey, here's a drink." Jennie offered her.

"Thanks." Nayeon winked.

"You're not familiar. Where did you attend college?" Jennie asked.

"I studied abroad. I just came here last week. By the way, I'm Im Nayeon." She said and extended her arm for a shake hand.

"I'm Jennie Kim." She glady accepted the shake hand.

"These two are having some moments huh." Yeri teased them.

After a couple of hours, they are all now drunk and except for Nayeon. She controlled herself from drinking too much.

"Miss *hik you, chuuu." Jennie mumbled with her eyes half closed.

Some took care of the others and drove them home. Jennie and Nayeon were the only ones who are still there.

"Hey, can you tell me your address?" Nayeon asked the drunk girl.

"At hongdae, bp's condominium. Room 203." Jennie said.

Nayeon took Jennie's keys and take Jennie to her home.

"Aigoo. We're here now. Sober up and go to sleep." Nayeon said and gave Jennie a black coffee.

"Can you stay for tonight? It's already late. Can't afford to see you go home at this time." Jennie said.

Nayeon has nothing to do but to agree with Jennie. She wore the clothes given by Jennie.

"Is it okay for you to share a bed with me?" Jennie asked.

"It's okay. Let's sleep."
Waking up with her head throbbing hard. She cups the bed and was furious there was a person beside her. Was Jisoo home? She thinks not.

She opened her eyes and looked at the person beside her, it was Nayeon.

"Oh, I asked her to stay last night."

It's 6:30 am. She somehow hates her body clock. She got up and took a bath. After that, she went to the kitchen and made a breakfast for them.

She heard someone's coming over at the kitchen.

"Good morning, Jennie." Nayeon said.

"Good morning, Nayeon. Thank you for taking me home last night." Jennie said and put the food on the table.

They started to eat what Jennie had cooked. Nayeon said she shoud go home now. They exchanged their phone numbers.

"Bye. I hope we'll hang next time." Nayeon said and leaned into Jennie to kissed her cheek.

"B-byee." Jennie uttered.

She heard her phone beeped.

From: Jisoo ❤️

Good morning, babe. Why are you not answering my messages and calls last night? I'm worried. I'm on my way there. I love you.

She looks at her phone and Jisoo was true, there were so many messages and missed calls all coming from Jisoo.

"Oh shoooot." She said to herself.

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