Chapter XIX

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a/n: last update before this year ends
hope you'd enjoy

"I love you, too."

Jennie mumbled in her deep slumber. Seulgi was trying so hard not laugh on Jennie's sleep talk. She grabbed one pillow and throw it to Jennie harshly resulting the younger girl to wake up from her sleep. She looks like an annoyed cat right know with her eyes closed.

"Whoever you are. Fuck off and die!" She said in annoyance.

"As expected from Jennie so fucking rude Kim. Get your ass up, Kitten. We're going somewhere." Seulgi sat on her bed.

"Where are we going at this hour?! Can I just sleep in peace?!" Jennie said not wanting to get up.

"It's 11 freaking am, you little rascal. Come on, don't be a stubborn brat. Shower up!" Seulgi walked out from her room and goes straight to the living room.

Jennie groaned.

When she's halfway going to the bathroom, she heard a shout coming from her bestfriend.

"Wear those clothes I've prepared. It's hanging outside of your closet."

She looked at the clothes, it's so beautiful. She feels like an hot attorney with those if she'll wear it. She then made her way to the bathroom and cleaned herself.

(a/n remember the outfit Jennie wore when she attented an event?)

(a/n remember the outfit Jennie wore when she attented an event?)

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After that, she wore what Seulgi brought. She puts a light make up and accesories to match with her outfit. She got her pouch and went to the living room.

"Let's go." Jennie said.

"You're drop dead gorgeous. Can I take you out on a date, miss?" Seulgi joked.

"Sorry but I love someone else already." Jennie winked.

"Lol you wish. I only set my eyes off to my Bae. Woah, you took almost to hours to get ready." Seulgi stood up and turned off the television.

"Let's go first to a studio. Of course, you're a newly hailed attorney, it deserved to have a photo session." Seulgi said as they wen to her car.

Seulgi and Jennie went to a studio. Seulgi reserved for a photo session on Jennie.

"You're such a young fine lady. You should try modelling" The photographer said.

"Thank you, sir. But I'm not suitable for that job. I knew someone who's really at best in modelling." Jennie replied.

"Okay, let's start."

Few moments have passed, they left the studio. They stopped for fast food chain to take out some burgers and fries to fill up their hungry stomachs.

"Where are we going?" Jennie asked.

"This should be a secret but I'm revealing it to you already. Your mom threw a celebration party for you. That explains why you're so dressed prettily today. There will guests, of course. The Kims will be there." Seulgi continues to drive.

"Can we just back out? I'm not prepared for this. I'm still ashamed with them." Jennie began to fidget with her hands.

"We can't. Jisoo's family is kind, you know that. I think they still don't know the reason why you've broken up." Seulgi said.

After a long drive, Seulgi pulled over her car and parked at Jennie's garage. People start filling up their garden. She went to the place where her mom was.

Her mother then clung to her arm and started greeting their guests. Jennie received congratulations to them and some also gave presents to her. They also greeted Jisoo's family and Jennie was so nervous as hell.

"Congratulations, Jennie! Hope you'll do great in your career." Jisoo's mother hugged her.

"Thank you, m-mom." Jennie smiled awkwardly.

"Please enjoy and make yourself comfortable." Jennie's mother said to Jisoo's family.


"Are you sure you're ready to face her?" Mina asked.

"I think so. Her mother invited me, I should attend. I don't want to disappoint her mom." Jisoo said and give an assuring smile to Mina.

"Okay." Mina said and drove to Jennie's house.

Jisoo and Mina already landed in Seoul. Jisoo's family welcomed Mina whole heartedly. In just a day they spent together, Mina felt like she belongs to their family.

"Just park over there. Let's go. We're already late." Jisoo said and held Mina's hand.

Jisoo quickly spotted her family and they sat there. Jennie's mom went to her and hugged her.

"I miss you, dear. It's been a long time since I saw you. You look fine as ever." Jennie's mom said.

"Miss you, too, mom. Looking young, I see." Jisoo said.

"I think Jennie's inside. Please, don't stay mad at her for long. I can see her improvements and she changed already."

Jisoo doesn't know what to say. It was so awkward. She's thankful that someone interrupted their conversation and Jennie's mom excused herself.

Mina took her hand and squeezed it slightly when Jisoo sat down. They just smiled to each others. It's like they can communicate to each other without uttering a single word.

"Do you like champagne, wine or juice?" Mina asked.

"Anything would do. Do you know where to get drinks?" Jisoo said because it's Mina first time here.

"Yeah. I saw it when we got here." Mina said.

"Be back quickly, 'kay?" Jisoo said.

Mina smiled and nodded.

"She's really sweet." Irene said to her sister.

"Yep, she really is." Jisoo blushed.


Mina was about to get drinks for them when someone suddenly turned around and bumped unto her. The drinks spilled from her clothes because of the incident.

"Oh gosh, I'm really sorry. I'll just spare with some clothes." The girl who bumped Mina said.

"No, it's okay. No nee-" Mina didn't finish her sentece when she realized who she bumped into.

"You?!" Both were shocked.

"It was nice seeing you here. You didn't say your name the last time, so what's your name?" Mina said.

"I'm J-"

"Hey, Mina! What took you so lo-" Jisoo got lost of words when she saw Jennie right infront of her.

The two looked at Jisoo. Then Jennie turned her head to look at Mina. She's now processing what's happening right now. Mina was confused why Jisoo suddenly cut off her words.

"So, the person who's with Jisoo that time was Mina? Wow, small world. Really" Jennie thought. Not speaking it out loud. And Jennie didn't expect Jisoo would come. She thought she's still in Japan.

"Uhm, Hi."

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