Chapter XIV

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Sweats are visible all over their faces. They breathe so heavily.

Mina finally put on the blinds. Jisoo looked around and everything has set. They're now done cleaning and organizing Jisoo's new apartment. They just ordered some pizza to fill up their hungry tummy.

A couple of minutes after, they heard buzz outside signaling that they pizza has finally arrived. Jisoo was the one to pick it up and handed the delivery boy the money and some tips.

"I'm going to shower up a bit before we eat. I'm just gonna lend you some clothes." Jisoo went to her room and picked some clothes for herself and for Mina then she went straight to the bathroom.

She's enjoying the cold water pouring down all over her body. She finds it relaxing. Then thoughts came rushing in, she stopped. Wiped her body with towel, she just changed clothes in the bathroom knowing that Mina is outside waiting for her turn.

Jisoo waited Mina in the living room. She heard the door opened and Mina walked towards her.

"Let's eat." Jisoo opened the pizza box and gave Mina a piece.

"Thank you." Mina took the pizza.

After munching all the pizza, Mina voluntarily cleaned the table they used. Then she sat down next to Jisoo.

"So, what happened back there?" Mina asked Jisoo.

Jisoo thought for a while if she's ready to talk about it. In the end, she decided to spill it out. Mina seems to be trusted.

"We broke up." Jisoo's tears started to come out from her eyes.

"W-what?" Mina was shocked. Even though she just knew Jisoo for a little span of time, she saw how much the girl loved Jennie.

"I went to her condo to surprise her but I saw her fucking someone. She fucking cheated." Jisoo broke down. It was hard for her to accept it.

Mina took the initiative on comforting Jisoo by hugging her and rubbing her back.

"You know what's the worst? I thought she'd run after me, or come to our house but she never came. I think, she got sick of me. Maybe she fell out of love."

"Am I not enough for her? Am I worthy to be cheated?" Jisoo said.

"Shh, you're enough. More than enough." Mina said.

Jisoo continues to cry until she fell asleep leaning on Mina's shoulder. Mina noticed it and she carefully lay Jisoo down on the couch.

"I promise, I'll try to fix you." Mina tracing Jisoo's face features.

"I miss you, Jennie." Jisoo mumbled while she's asleep.

Jennie on the other hand is spending her time regretting. Sulking herself on alcohol. Thinking what could have happened if she went to Jisoo before she flew back to abroad.

She's at their favorite place at the moment. Staring at the sky full of stars. She looked at her right.

"You used to be here beside me, stargazing together. I wish you were here."

When she looked back at the sky, there was a shooting star. Jennie closed her eyes and started to make a wish. Ever since she was little and up until now, she still believes of shooting stars making your wish come true.

"I miss you, Jisoo."


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