Chapter XXVIII

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Everyone exited in the church as the wedding ceremony of Seulgi and Irene just ended. They're now heading to the one of the grandest function halls in Seoul. The newly wedded couple marked this day as one of the most memorable and happiest day of their lives. Where they became one.

The family of the two and including the guests are now sitted in their respective seats.
Foods served will be a fusion of western cuisine and asian cuisine prepared by a 5-star chef.

Jisoo looks astonishing in her light gray above the knee dress with very beautiful details. Mina, on the other hand, decides to wear a gray suit that fits her body perfectly.

"Let's all stand and raise our glasses and toast for our newly wedded couple, Seulrene!" The host said.

Everyone toasts their glass and cheers for the couple, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"
The two went shy for a second and did what they've told.

Jennie who's watching her bestfriend finally married made her so happy. She witnessed how much Seulgi loves Irene. She witnessed how Seulgi cried whenever they had their downs. She witnessed how her face lightened up whenever Irene's name was mentioned.

She wishes, in the near future, she'll also have this kind of relationship with the love of her life. She imagines it while looking at Jisoo. Unknowingly, she's now smiling from ear to ear adoring the older girl.

"May we call on Jennie Kim to serenade us all tonight with her amazing voice." The host said making Jennie nervous a bit. She looked at Seulgi with "seriously look" and Seulgi just gave her a peace sign.

She went to the grand piano and thought of a song.

(Listen to It's You by Henry if you want :) )

Baby, I’m falling
Head over heels
Looking for ways to let you know just how I feel
Wish I was holding, You by my side
I wouldn't change a thing cause finally it's real

Jennie started to sing the first verse. Everyone gasped how soothing her voice is. Couples started to go infront and danced, Irene and Seulgi started it.

Jisoo was admiring Jennie when Mina came to her.
"Shall we?" Mina offered her hand to Jisoo asking persmission to dance with her. Jisoo gladly took the hand of Mina and they started to dance.

Tryna hold back You oughta know that
You’re the one that's on my mind
I’m falling too fast Deeply in love
Finding the magic in the colors of you

Mina never leave Jisoo's eyes the whole time. Many thoughts coming from her mind. She remembers the first time she saw Jisoo, the moment she first encoutered her, their first ride, their date in the sky tower. She smiled in the thought of it.

You’re the right time at the right moment
You’re the sunlight keeps my heart going
Know when I'm with you Can’t keep myself from falling
Right time at the right moment
It's you
You, it’s you
You, it’s you

The moment Mina saw Jisoo cried over Jennie. She promised to take care and protect the girl with all costs. She declined a big offer in Paris just to follow her in Seoul. She'll sacrifice everything just to give the girl everything she deserves and all the hapiness in the world.

Baby I’m falling Deeper in love
Everything that you are is all I’m dreaming of
And if I can break enough to show you that I need us
I’d give up everything I have girl just for you

She's willing to sacrifice her own happiness just to the older girl. She's willing to be selfless.

"You know that I love you so much, right?" Mina said to Jisoo. And the latter just smiled.

"What happened to me back when I was 10 years old gave me a lot of realizations. Chaeyoung was my first love, her heart was donated to me when I was at the verge of dying." Mina said trying to hold back her tears.

Tryna hold back You oughta know that
You’re the one that's on my mind
I’m falling too fast Deeply in love
Girl all I need to breathe is you
Cause you’re the right time at the right moment
You’re the sunlight keeps my heart going
Know when i'm with you Can’t keep myself from falling
Right time at the right moment
It's you

Chaeyoung asked her mom when she turned 10 to be an organ donor. In her young age, she was already thinking what would happen, in case.

"I'm grateful to have met you, to be your friend. And for letting me to show my love towards you. I know from the very start that I love a girl who's already inlove with someone else. I was trying to cure your broken heart knowing that there's just one girl who can heal it. And I am not that girl, sadly." Mina said in between their dance. Jisoo was all ears listening on what the japanese girl is saying.

Every night in my bed I’m dreaming
That it’s you in my arms I’m holding
Girl all I want is you

"You may be wondering why am I saying these things to you, yes, I'm letting you go to your happiness, your true happiness. You may not say it but I know deep down in your heart, she's still the reason why is that thing beating." Mina said and points at Jisoo's heart.

Jisoo was about to apologize to Mina but she was fast enough to stop her.

"Don't be sorry. It was a great feeling to love you. It always will be. Go chase your happiness, alright?" Mina closed her eyes and kissed Jisoo's forehead. Both have a tear escape from their eyes.

Meanwhile, Jennie continued the song even when she barely breathe witnessing the two. "They look like a sweet couple.", She thought. Her heart aches.

You know you’re the right time
At the right moment
You’re the sunlight keeps my heart going
It’s you

Jennie finished the song and went outside to get some fresh air. Mina assissted Jisoo in her seat and followed Jennie after.

She went beside Jennie who's in deep thought.

"Please, don't hurt her." Mina said.

"I should be the one telling you that. By the way, congrats?" Jennie smiled sadly.

"Huh?" Mina asked confusedly.

"You've won. You got Jisoo now." Jennie.

"Jennie Kim, you're stupid." Mina laughed and made Jennie confused.

"I think Chaeyoung is proud of what I've done tonight." Mina said and looked up at the sky, staring at a particular star.

Someone would ask me why I didn't fight harder to get Jisoo. Why? I already know I'll lose even when the fight hasn't started yet. -Myoui Mina.

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