Chapter XIII

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The thing that Jisoo needs to do but everytime she tries, she cries.
The scene keeps on replaying on her mind as it feels like it's on repeat mode.

She always remember that day. That day she thought would be romantic and fun turned out to be traumatic and tragic.
She planned to surprise her ex girlfried but she was the one who was surprised, in a hurtful way.

She's hurt.

She can't believe Jennie would do such things. It felt like she was stabbed many times, her heart shattered into bits, she can't feel it anymore. The wounds were too deep, it left scars. It may be unseen but it can be felt.

A part of her wants to listen whatever Jennie wants to say but a part of her tells not to.
For what?

She already landed on Japan, waiting for a bus or taxi. The sky started to gets dark, and it feels like it's going to rain anytime soon.

"Even the sky knows what I feel, huh." Jisoo smiled bitterly.

The raindrops started to make a noise. Jisoo just wore a thin long sleeves and pants that made her shiver in the cold.

Before she take one step forward to run from the nearest convience store, a familiar car appeared infront of her.

When the driver's door opened, it revealed Mina who's carrying a yellow umbrella.

"You could've texted me to fetch you." Mina removed her blazer and put it on Jisoo.

"I don't wanna disturb you. Anyways, thank you, Mina." Jisoo said.

Mina insisted to carry Jisoo's bag. They started to walk in the car. And Mina started the engine and drive to a known ramen place.

"I guess you haven't eaten anything yet so might as well bring you to a ramen place." Mina said and parked the car.

They were greeted by a crew when they entered.

Jisoo let Mina ordered their food because the girl is much more familiar with the menu.

"How are you?" Mina asked.

A question which Jisoo wanted to avoid.

"I'm okay." She smiled. A fake one.

"Drop the act. I know you're not. I can see it in your eyes." Mina concerned.

"Okay but can we talk it some other time?" Jisoo said.

"Of course, I wouldn't force you." Mina smiled.

They food finally served, they barely talk throughout their meal. They both savoring each bite. Guess they were hungry but maybe not.

"Can you help me to move out tomorrow? I will not stay on hotel anymore. I rented an apartment, it's more convenient." Jisoo said before she moves out on Mina's car.

"Oh, sure. I'll be glad to help. Here, take this umbrella with you." Mina handed Jisoo the yellow umbrella.

"Thank you so much, Mina. I'll never get tired saying it." Jisoo said.

The two said their 'good nights and goodbyes'.

Jisoo went straight to her hotel room and slumps her body to the bed.

Before she went home last week, she was offered another 5-month contract here. She planned to decline it because she can't endure being away from Jennie. But things didn't go the way it supposed to, so, she accepted the offer.

She needs this.

A distance from Jennie.

For her to finally 'Forget' and to be healed from yesterday's heartbreak.

"I can do this." she slowly closed her eyes.


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