Chapter VI

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Jennie fixed her room as soon as she received a message from Jisoo. She washed the dishes and cleaned the bed room.

"Why do I feel like I'm cheating when the truth is I'm not?" She asked herself.

A moment later she heard someone walked in. It was none other than her girlfriend

"Hi, babe! I missed youu." Jisoo ran to give her hug.

"O oh hey, babe. Missed you too." Jennie said and hugged her back.

"I bought chicken and burgers for lunch." She said happily.

Jennie set up the TV for them to watch a movie while they're eating their not-so-healthy lunch.

"I think you enjoyed yourself too much last night that you didn't even replied to my messages." Jisoo pouted.

"I wasn't looking to my phone the whole night and I kept it in silent mode." Jennie explained.

"Okay. Did you meet a sexier and prettier girl than me there?" Jisoo asked like a baby.

Jennie choked on her food after hearing what Jisoo has said. Jisoo immediately handed her a glass of coke.

"Slow down on eating your food, babe." Jisoo said.

"I didn't meet anyone who's prettier and sexier than you, babe. No one can meet your level." Jennie winked at her.

They're done munching on their lunch and decided to sleep on the couch. Jennie's arm serves as Jisoo's pillow and her other arm is wrapped on Jisoo's waist.

Jisoo woke up first and stared to the girl beside her. She traces the face of the sleeping girl, Jennie crunches her nose.

"Wakey wakey, babe." Jisoo said in a soft tone.

"Let me sleep more." Jennie groaned.

Jisoo thought of an idea to wake up the girl. She began to tickle Jennie.

"Oh oh my gosh. Ji jisoo, stop." Jennie said as she tries suppress her laughter.

But Jisoo acted like she didn't hear her and continued to tickle Jennie.

"I. SAID. STOP!" Jennie bursts out of no where.

When she realize what she has done, she quickly apolizes to Jisoo who is still shocked of Jennie's sudden outburst.

"Uhm, I'm sorry babe. I didn't mean to shout on you like that. Please, forgive me." Jennie held the hands of the older girl.

"What the hell, Jennie?! It's not the first time I tickled you, we do it often just for you to wake up. Shouting straight to my face, really? Can't believe you, Kim." Jisoo said. Disappointment is clearly visible on her voice.

"You're being too childish." Jennie said.

Jisoo gasped not expecting those words coming from Jennie's mouth.

Being shouted. That's one thing Jisoo hates the most.

Jennie tried to apologize for Jisoo many times but the girl is still in disbelief. Jennie thought she's finally forgiven when she heard Jisoo spoke.

"The reason I came here was to spend this day with you. To have some quality time together. I'm sorry for annoying you, for waking you up and for being childish. Before I go, I just wanna say this to you in person that I'll be gone for 3 weeks or maybe a month. They offered me a project in abroad. You know I can't say no to that. Take care of yourself. Make sure not to stress yourself in reviewing. See you" Jisoo said and she hugged Jennie.
Jennie was about to hug back but Jisoo was too fast to pull away.

When Jisoo was near at the door, She looked at Jennie with sad smile.

"I'll miss you, babe" Jennie whispered.

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