Chapter XI

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Two days had passed, Jisoo is smiling like an idiot. She can't wait to come home. She's  on her way now to the airport with Mina who insisted to drive her there.

"You look so happy going home. Aren't you gonna miss me?" Mina joked.

"Cause there's no place like home. There's no way I'm gonna miss you. Kidding!" Jisoo said.

"Psh. Whatever." Mina rolled her eyes as Jisoo chuckled.

They're now at their destination, which is, airport.

"I said this many times already but thank you, Mina. Really. See you real soon." She hugged Mina. She went inside while pulling her luggage.

She waited until her flight was called. She successfully boarded in the airplane. It will take few hours to fly over Seoul so she decided to take a nap.

The flight attendant informed them that they finally landed. She excitedly went outside the plane.

Seulgi and Irene were waiting for her. She asked the couple to fetch her instead of Jennie.

"Seulgi! Unnie! I missed you."  Jisoo said and hugged the two.

"Aigoo, this not-so-little sister. Miss you too." Irene said and hugged Jisoo back.

The three headed out to eat. They talked about things that happened in Jisoo's work abroad, about Jennie and about the vacation of Seulrene.

"We have something to tell you, Jisoo. Don't be shock." Seulgi said.

Jisoo is nervous as the couple turned serious. Her heart is pumping so hard. She's anticipating what would the two will say. She dropped her chopsticks and looked at them.

"What is it?" Jisoo asked.

"We're getting married!" They both said in unison. Irene showed off her hand where her ring finger was inserted a beatiful engagement ring.

"Wow. I'm so happy for the both of you, unnies!" Jisoo is now tearing up.

Tears of joy. She hopes Jennie and her will get there, too.

After that announcement, Seulgi drove the siblings home. Jisoo decided not to inform Jennie that she's now in Seoul yet. She'll go to her unit to tomorrow.


The Kim family is happily eating their breakfast at their dining room. The rest of Jisoo's family missed her so much. Her father pulling off a joke that made the whole family cracked up.

"How are you with my future daughter-in-law?" Her mother asked.

"We're doing fine, mom. I actually plan to go to her condo today after this breakfast. I never told her I took 1 week break." Jisoo said.

"Okay, tell her to visit here. We miss that girl already" Her mom said.

After their breakfast, Jisoo made herself ready to go to Jennie. She wore a white button up long sleeves matching it with a pants.

She went to a convenience store first to buy a milk flavoured ice cream and made her way to a fast food chain to buy a bucket of chicken.

Jisoo took a deep breath and smiled as she opened Jennie's door. She looked around at the living room but there's no one.

Every step she made on the way to the bedroom, her heart races. She doesn't know why she feels nervous.

When she's near, she heard someone whimpers.

"Ugh, Je-jennie."

Her palms started sweating. Her eyes are at the verge of crying. She felt weak that caused the plastic bags to fall. She can't believe what she's hearing now.

The, she heard someone's slowly opening the door.

"Where the fuck that noise cam-"

Shocked was written all over on Jennie's face. She was half-naked and a mess right infront of a crying Jisoo. It felt like she saw a ghost.

"What's taking you so long Jen-"

A girl wrapped in blanket appeared beside Jennie. She was cut off when she saw Jisoo. She gulped and started to get nervous.

Jisoo can't find any words to utter right now. She was speechless. She can't process what thw fuck just happened.

She was about to leave when Jennie grabbed her wrist.

"Babe. Let me explain. I-it's not what you think it is. P-please, b-babe. I love you." Jennie said with a pleading and trembling voice.


"B-babe, pl-please. I-I'm sorry." Jennie started to cry.

"B-babe, I never meant to hurt you." Jennie knelt down while holding tight onto Jisoo's hand.

"You never mean to hurt me? You just did. I thought you were reviewing but guess what? You've been fucking around. Behind. My. Back. What a jerk!" Jisoo said not shouting this time but emphasizing all the words she's saying.

"Call me jerk, asshole, bitch and whatever. I'll accept it. Just please give me a chance, babe. P-please." Jennie begged.

"You have two choices, to be a loyal while your girl is away or fuck some bitches while she's away. But you chose the second. I felt disappointed, hurt and betrayed. I love you, Jennie. So much that it killed me." Jisoo said and left.

"No, no, no. B-babe. I made a mistake. Please, hear me out. B-babe."

Jennie started to breakdown not minding if she's shirtless. She fucked up. She knew she's been cheating but she never made a way to fixed herself. She also was shocked, she didn't know Jisoo would come home too soon.

She wanted to run after Jisoo. She wanted to chase her. She wanted to apologize for everything.

But her feet and whole body don't seem to cooperate. She doesn't have the strenght anymore.

She looked at the date. And her guilt and hate towards her ownself are slowly eating her up

"Why now? I hurt her so much. I'm fucking stupid and heartless human being." She said to herself.

She lift her head and quickly stood up when Jisoo came back. She got a tiny of hope that Jisoo will forgive her.

"Babe." Jennie said.

Jisoo went to her direction and cupped her cheek. Jennie closed her eyes.

A sound of slap filled the room.

"Happy fucking Ex-Anniversary"

and with that Jisoo left. For real.

It was over.

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