Chapter XVI

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"Where are you going, Miss?" The taxi driver said. Jennie was surprised that the driver spoke in English. Well, Jennie does look foreigner anyway.

"In the ** hotel, sir." Jennie said.

She's in Japan.

When Seulgi said Jisoo's address, she booked her flight and hotel accomodations without thinking. And she's now here.

Tomorrow, she'll go to Jisoo's apartment. For now, she will just rest and gain energy for tomorrow. It's make it or break it situation to her.

She'll not rush Jisoo to be with her in an instant. She wants to ask for forgiveness first and if possible, she'll make a move for Jisoo to make her fall in love again.

The clock hits 9:30 pm and she decided to go to bed after eating her dinner.

As the sun rises up, she woke up and do her morning rituals. She washed her teeth, showered and changed into a casual wear. She'll just take her breakfast in the hotel's cafeteria.

Today is the day

She went to a flower shop and bought a single stem sunflower. Next, she went to the a fast food chain to buy fried chicken.

She doesn't know where she got her guts and courage in facing Jisoo later. She's nervous. She is just trying her best to keep her composure.

Then she went her way to Jisoo's.

Meanwhile, Mina and Jisoo planned to have an exercise together this morning. Mina went to Jisoo's place earlier than usual. They spent breakfast together.

Eversince Jisoo came back here in Japan, they've grown closer than ever. Mina would always fetch and drive Jisoo home from work. They would spent their free time shopping or just being lazy in Jisoo's couch watching some movies or tvseries. Mina can't help but to fall from Jisoo. Who wouldn't? She got everything a partner could ask for.

But she didn't tell her yet. Because she's still healing from a break up.

Jisoo on the other hand thought that the pain is slowly vanishing. Big thanks to Mina for always being there and helping her to cope up. It wasn't easy to move on. It never was.

"Should we go home now? I'm tired already." Jisoo said. Exhausted from jogging around the park from their subdivison.

"As you wish, madam." Mina said and bowed. Jisoo just laughed for Mina's extraness.

When they're infront of Jisoo's gate, a strong wind blew suddenly that caused Jisoo to catch a dust in her eyes.

Mina cupped her cheeks to blow off the dust from Jisoo's eyes.

If you can see it, they're in an awkward position.

Jennie was just meters away. Her excitement faded. Witnessing what's happening just now. Tears are forming in her eyes. Her heart aches like it was hammered a million times. She thought the two were kissing. Jisoo and unfamiliar girl.

"So, this what it feels to see your love one being with someone else. Now I know, what Jisoo felt that day. It hurts like hell. It's unbearable." Jennie whispered and left.

"I deserve this. I guess this is my punishment."


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