Chapter XXIX

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The sun's rays are illuminating Jisoo's room and that made the girl woke up from her deep slumber. It's been two days since the wedding. It's also been two days since she last seen and talked to Mina. She's worried sick for her. Of course, they've been good friends.

She may deny it many times but Mina's words were all true. Jennie caused her the pain but she's also the one who can cure it.

She felt sorry for Mina, for not returning the love. She can't blame herself or anyone, the heart wants what it wants. Sure, she was starting develop something from Mina before but that was just pure admiration not close enough for love. Because in the end, her heart still finds Jennie.

"Soon, Mina will find someone else. Better than me. Someone who would love her more than what she deserves." Jisoo said to herself.

She rose up from her bed and shrugged off all her morning thoughts. She went to take a bath and planned to visit Mina. To see what's been she's up to lately.

When she's finally done dressing, she went down and told her parents she'll visit Mina. She decided to ride a bus because she got no mood for driving.

At the same time,

Mina received a call from Jennie. The girl asked for her address and informed her that they would talk. Jennie still can't process on her mind what Mina just said that night. So, she decided to go on her apartment.

After a minute or two, Mina saw Jennie and Jisoo, who coincidentally met at the bus station, they decited to walk together to Mina's apartment.

Mina wave at the two, the two smiled and waved back.

Mina feels so happy seeing her friends together. It hurts, yes. But what matters to her is the sake of others especially to her loved ones.

"You didn't say you'll come." Mina smiled to Jisoo.

"Was about to surprise you." Jisoo chuckled.

Jennie feels awkward. She wanted to dive in to their conversation but she hestitates.

"Jennie, are you mute?" Mina said jokingly.

Jennie just imitated an angry cat in response.

"Cute." Jisoo said not knowing she bursted it out. Loud enough for the two to hear.

"*fake cough*, someone's whipped by *fake cough* a cat." Mina teased. Jisoo slightly pinch Mina's side.

"Because you two came here, let's just go to the park. Let's all act like children just for a moment, sounds good or nah?" Mina suggested. She went between Jisoo and Jennie put her arms around their shoulders.

They went to the park as planned and acted like children literally. They played hide and seek, dodge ball, went to the swing, slide and etc. They enjoyed their moment not minding about the love (triangle) problems temporarily.

"That was fun." Jennie said as she wiped her sweat.

"Brings back my childhood days." Mina smiled.

"I'm hungry." Jisoo said.

"Let's have an ice cream!" Jennie said excitedly and run across the street and went to the ice cream stand.

The two just watched Jennie who lined up for ice cream.

"Let's go." Jisoo said.

"You go now, I'll just call my mom." Mina said.

When Jisoo is halfway crossing the street, she stopped at the middle to fix her shoe lace.

"What a perfect timing." Nayeon smirked. She's been watching the three the whole time. She waited for this moment to execute her plan.

A roaring of an incoming can be heard from the place, Jennie who just got the ice cream has her eyes wide open, Mina, too.

Jisoo was about to stand up but she saw a car is accelerating towards her. She didn't know what to do. Her body froze at that moment.

"JISOOOOOOO" The two shouted in unison from opposite diretion. They ran up fast to save the girl who they both love.

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